January 02, 2020

The Peace is Already Here

On this day, 2nd of January 2020, I proclaim world peace for all humanity. The end of wars is here. We no longer need to fear large wars, or annihilation through nuclear weapons and global warming.

Nor do we need to be afraid of powers that seem to be too powerful, or too corrupt. What about economies going into a tailspin to collapse everything around us? Not going to happen. All of this is on the wane.

The question isn't "how do you know?" It is in the field. It's not just my truth or my own proclamation to make. Anyone tuned in to The Field knows this to be true. There are now millions of people consciously aware that human consciousness is rising and that it's the answer to everything.

The question is, will your allow it to become your truth?

To offer help is a brand new documentary, ten years in the making, that showcases a teacher whose teachings are close to my heart: Kryon (channelled by Lee Carroll). Also featured is journalist and pop-star of science & spirituality world - Lynne McTaggart, as well as biologist Bruce Lipton. All three were mentioned in my previous blog post.

The 1 Field is slated be released mid 2020. Synopsis | More clips

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