March 03, 2020

Magnetic Engine is About to Enter Production Soon: Kryon

In this channeling given at Phoenix, Arizona on 11, January 2020, Kryon talks a little bit more about the magnetic engine that he spoke about in December 2019. Without giving away too much technical details he says it's about configuring magnets in a special array that provides push and pull. The key aspect, he says, has something to do with "phase relationships." At the end Kryon says it's to enter production soon.

A cursory search led me to a company in South Korea started by Russian engineers that is taking pre-orders for such a device. It's called Infinity SAV and it's got a US patent for their overunity device. I won't be surprised if Infinity SAV or others like it (I'm sure there are several more) are acquired by the likes of Tesla / Google / Apple etc.

Here is the select part of Kryon channeling:

[...] I said this one other time right before this year. I said what I told you to expect is happening. No longer is the idea of a new kind of electricity production of fantasy. No longer is it something in an inventor's mind. Because right now, I will tell you the magnetic engine is here. And it's here in many  incarnations. It's been here for a  while. It's been invented and now it's here and then there are those who are starting the second generation already. Suddenly everyone is looking at it!

Now what is that magnetic engine? The simplest way all of you can understand it is that there's incredible power in magnets. They push and they pull against each other. And the lifespan is forever!

You never looked at it as a source of moving wheels and creating electricity or anything. You decided it would be better if you had a little explosions with fuel and all of your cars were internal combustion and all of your machines. No one was using magnetics. And yet it's the biggest most lasting power you were given. And now suddenly it's everywhere.

Magnetic motors that will supply electricity for buildings, for homes, for devices, someday for cars, is here. It's here.

Now, an old paradigm says "well Kryon you don't know how the earth works here you know it's not gonna be here for long because when the when the utility companies find out about it they're gonna squash it, you know. Because they want to sell their electricity."

I'll tell you these utility companies will breathe a sigh of relief. Some of them will decide they're gonna be in the magnetic motor business. They're gonna embrace it with open arms because it's what the answer is.

Imagine that cold spell happening and you don't care about the [electricity] infrastructure and you don't care about the [transmission & distribution] wires because there are none. Because there's a magnetic motor perhaps it's not on the roof perhaps it's buried. That's gonna create electricity for you no matter what. No matter how cold it gets. It just goes and goes and goes. Never has to be looked at, or refuelled until the bearings wear out. That is the answer.

It's coming. It's coming for the production of cool and heat and more. We told you there'll come a day when there are no more batteries either. Storage won't occur to be what it is today. All of these things are here. A new technology called the super cap is here. All this is on purpose so that you will survive through these things, dear ones.

In many years you will come back perhaps and listen to this and realize the question I'm asking. Don't you find it interesting that the earth seems to be getting all of this at the same time when it always existed, in order to solve a problem that they haven't really even identified yet [referring to cold spell].

There are so many things that may not  make sense at the moment that will soon when it comes to these weather changes, the inventions that are happening, the reasons for them, and the cities that are  involved. There's more than I could tell you it wouldn't make sense right now but it's beautiful.

Imagine inventions being given to you now because consciousness is starting to move in a higher way. So you will see these things and realize these things and be able to survive even the coldest cold. You'll be able to survive and you won't have to move. Clever things are presenting themselves [...]

Not just the inventions but the consciousness that's using them, finally, will start understanding that magnetics is the way for so many more things than just motors. I told you years ago that you had before you - unlimited power with magnetics. Without fuel, without resources from the planet. Things that were given to you then. All you had to do - was make an arrangement of the array of the magnetics so that they would push and pull each against each other forever in an array that made sense for that situation. And watch for phase relationships between the parts.

Now, that's as far as I'm going to go because it would infringe on things that are happening right now. But today is the first phase and the second phase will surprise you.

By the way, if you want to track the history of electricity, when you stopped using whale oil to light your cities and you went to electricity it was direct current. Until Tesla came on. Tesla, he found something very very interesting. He used something called  "phase relationships" to give you alternating current which is what you use to this very day. You see phase relationships has always  been the answer. I will leave it at that.

Magnetic engines are here, dear ones. Production of power and electricity without wires, without fuel, without natural resources being used, without oil, without gas, will start to be manufactured soon. Right on schedule. Right on time.

Transcribed from YouTube subtitles extracted using Downsub.

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