May 07, 2020

Immunity Boosting Measures to Mitigate COVID-19: A List by Dr. Todd Ovokaitys

As stated in the previous post, recently channelled information suggests that weak immune system of infected patients is primarily causing fatalities from COVID-19. In such patients the immune system in a way "over reacts" to the virus which is leading to unexpected and fast mortality. A suggested way to treat such patients is to "encapsulate that immune system so it will not over react." This implies that COVID-19 is treatable today without a vaccine.

A transcript of the original channelling can be accessed here.

How to Boost Immunity for COVID-19 

While the above information is for doctors and the medical community, yet there's a lot that ordinary people can do to protect themselves. If a weak immune system is the cause of death, it makes sense to strengthen it as a preventive measure. 

Dr. Todd Ovokaitys has compiled a small booklet on "the best ways to prevent, mitigate and potentially cure SARS-CoV-2" the cause of COVID-19. 

The list of measures in the booklet has been condensed from multiple sources including peers of Dr. Todd Ovokaitys. Many of these measures include over the counter nutritional supplements commonly available in India while some require prescription and a few are available only in U.S. The booklet includes information on:
  • Preventative Measures to Reduce the Severity of Infection
  • Interventions for Higher Risk Disease
  • Earlier Stage Intervention
  • Advanced Life Threatening Respiratory Syndrome
  • Potential Cures in Active Development
  • How Pathogens Travel
  • Prevention: Social Distancing and Quarantine
Download booklet

Who is Dr. Todd Ovokaitys

Dr. Todd is an innovative scientist, doctor, researcher and inventor who has a large number of patents to his credit for the multifarious applications of a unique laser technology he has developed. He did his undergraduate studies at Northwestern University where he finished top of the class with a 4.0 GPA (out of 4.0) and was one of 26 students in U.S accepted to an accelerated medical training program at the prestigious Johns Hopkins University Medical School where he was eventually elected to Phi Beta Kappa. He received both BA and MD degrees from Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Todd's laser technology has been tested at the National Institutes of Health in Maryland confirming its ability to take a flask of tumor cells and transform their appearance and behaviour to those of normal cells, a potential major breakthrough in oncology. For full profile and details of his laser work, please visit his website.

Association with Lee Carroll / Kryon

Dr. Todd Ovokaitys has had more than twenty-year association with Lee Carroll, the channel for Kryon, the source of the information about Coronavirus treatment mentioned above. Dr. Todd credits information in Kryon book one for an epiphany early on in his laser work.

UPDATE 09-May 2020

Just heard that Ayush ministry in collaboration with CSIR is planning a clinical trial of Ayurvedic medicines as preventive or add-on to standard care of COVID-19. While making this post I wanted to add a list of Ayurvedic or other plant based / natural supplements but couldn't find a credible source. Ayush ministry had some recommendations but they seemed generic and not necessarily geared for this issue.

The four formulations selected for trials are
  • Ashwagandha or Withania somnifera (also mentioned in Dr. Todd's list)
  • Yashtimadhu or Licorice (Mulethi)
  • Guduchi peepli or Tinospora Cordifolia (Giloy)
  • Ayush 64 (an anti-malarial formulation)
I'll add a personal anecdote on immunity from Ayurvedic medicines. At the time of Chikungunya outbreak in Delhi NCR in 2016 we lived in Gurgaon. Chikungunya is a debilitating viral infection that causes fever and intense joint pain and keeps you bed-ridden for days. Everyone in our home was affected except me. It just happened incidentally that a month or so prior to the outbreak I had been on Ayurvedic medicine - Tulsi drops and about a week prior to the outbreak I had also started taking Giloy concoction.

We had Giloy vine growing in our front yard of the house at that time. It's a super invasive plant that will take over everything if not controlled. Seemed quite miraculous actually - even if you cut it to pieces and let it dry and use for mulching months later....the moment it's hydrated, it will begin to propagate! I remember being very surprised. It seemed indestructible, like nothing could kill it. It quite annoyed me actually that my rooftop vegetable bed had Giloy growing all over it as I had used dried stems as mulch.

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