December 12, 2021

Is this the Corona-2 the C's talked about?

12/12/21: A Coronal Mass Ejection event is predicted by NASA. It's said to hit earth in a few hours from now. 

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has warned about the 'swirling Sun debris' which is likely to hit Earth by December 11. NASA has said that this coronal mass ejection (CME) has been shot from the Sun earlier this week and is forecast to possibly strike the Earth by Saturday.

That's sometime today (Sunday), India time.

When directed at Earth, a CME can produce geomagnetic disturbances that ignite bright aurora, short-circuit satellites and power grids on Earth, or at their worst, even endanger astronauts in orbit.


According to the astronomers behind, the "swirling debris" caused by the explosion from the Sun will "barely miss the Earth". As per their prediction, the debris will fly just south of the planet. 

A few months ago, a channeling source I follow had predicted a major world event that's likely to cause socio-economic disruption around this time of the year. I won't reveal the full name of the source at this time except that they are called "the C's" in short. They made this prediction during the time of COVID outbreak and said it will be called "corona-2" and cryptically added that "but it won't be that". 

Could they be referring to the mass of plasma ejected from the Sun's corona that can disrupt communication satellites and the grid? Or will it miss earth just as the last CME event did a few months ago? We will know in a few hours.

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