December 12, 2021

Is this the Corona-2 the C's talked about?

12/12/21: A Coronal Mass Ejection event is predicted by NASA. It's said to hit earth in a few hours from now. 

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has warned about the 'swirling Sun debris' which is likely to hit Earth by December 11. NASA has said that this coronal mass ejection (CME) has been shot from the Sun earlier this week and is forecast to possibly strike the Earth by Saturday.

That's sometime today (Sunday), India time.

When directed at Earth, a CME can produce geomagnetic disturbances that ignite bright aurora, short-circuit satellites and power grids on Earth, or at their worst, even endanger astronauts in orbit.


According to the astronomers behind, the "swirling debris" caused by the explosion from the Sun will "barely miss the Earth". As per their prediction, the debris will fly just south of the planet. 

A few months ago, a channeling source I follow had predicted a major world event that's likely to cause socio-economic disruption around this time of the year. I won't reveal the full name of the source at this time except that they are called "the C's" in short. They made this prediction during the time of COVID outbreak and said it will be called "corona-2" and cryptically added that "but it won't be that". 

Could they be referring to the mass of plasma ejected from the Sun's corona that can disrupt communication satellites and the grid? Or will it miss earth just as the last CME event did a few months ago? We will know in a few hours.

May 07, 2020

Immunity Boosting Measures to Mitigate COVID-19: A List by Dr. Todd Ovokaitys

As stated in the previous post, recently channelled information suggests that weak immune system of infected patients is primarily causing fatalities from COVID-19. In such patients the immune system in a way "over reacts" to the virus which is leading to unexpected and fast mortality. A suggested way to treat such patients is to "encapsulate that immune system so it will not over react." This implies that COVID-19 is treatable today without a vaccine.

A transcript of the original channelling can be accessed here.

How to Boost Immunity for COVID-19 

While the above information is for doctors and the medical community, yet there's a lot that ordinary people can do to protect themselves. If a weak immune system is the cause of death, it makes sense to strengthen it as a preventive measure. 

Dr. Todd Ovokaitys has compiled a small booklet on "the best ways to prevent, mitigate and potentially cure SARS-CoV-2" the cause of COVID-19. 

The list of measures in the booklet has been condensed from multiple sources including peers of Dr. Todd Ovokaitys. Many of these measures include over the counter nutritional supplements commonly available in India while some require prescription and a few are available only in U.S. The booklet includes information on:
  • Preventative Measures to Reduce the Severity of Infection
  • Interventions for Higher Risk Disease
  • Earlier Stage Intervention
  • Advanced Life Threatening Respiratory Syndrome
  • Potential Cures in Active Development
  • How Pathogens Travel
  • Prevention: Social Distancing and Quarantine
Download booklet

Who is Dr. Todd Ovokaitys

Dr. Todd is an innovative scientist, doctor, researcher and inventor who has a large number of patents to his credit for the multifarious applications of a unique laser technology he has developed. He did his undergraduate studies at Northwestern University where he finished top of the class with a 4.0 GPA (out of 4.0) and was one of 26 students in U.S accepted to an accelerated medical training program at the prestigious Johns Hopkins University Medical School where he was eventually elected to Phi Beta Kappa. He received both BA and MD degrees from Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Todd's laser technology has been tested at the National Institutes of Health in Maryland confirming its ability to take a flask of tumor cells and transform their appearance and behaviour to those of normal cells, a potential major breakthrough in oncology. For full profile and details of his laser work, please visit his website.

Association with Lee Carroll / Kryon

Dr. Todd Ovokaitys has had more than twenty-year association with Lee Carroll, the channel for Kryon, the source of the information about Coronavirus treatment mentioned above. Dr. Todd credits information in Kryon book one for an epiphany early on in his laser work.

UPDATE 09-May 2020

Just heard that Ayush ministry in collaboration with CSIR is planning a clinical trial of Ayurvedic medicines as preventive or add-on to standard care of COVID-19. While making this post I wanted to add a list of Ayurvedic or other plant based / natural supplements but couldn't find a credible source. Ayush ministry had some recommendations but they seemed generic and not necessarily geared for this issue.

The four formulations selected for trials are
  • Ashwagandha or Withania somnifera (also mentioned in Dr. Todd's list)
  • Yashtimadhu or Licorice (Mulethi)
  • Guduchi peepli or Tinospora Cordifolia (Giloy)
  • Ayush 64 (an anti-malarial formulation)
I'll add a personal anecdote on immunity from Ayurvedic medicines. At the time of Chikungunya outbreak in Delhi NCR in 2016 we lived in Gurgaon. Chikungunya is a debilitating viral infection that causes fever and intense joint pain and keeps you bed-ridden for days. Everyone in our home was affected except me. It just happened incidentally that a month or so prior to the outbreak I had been on Ayurvedic medicine - Tulsi drops and about a week prior to the outbreak I had also started taking Giloy concoction.

We had Giloy vine growing in our front yard of the house at that time. It's a super invasive plant that will take over everything if not controlled. Seemed quite miraculous actually - even if you cut it to pieces and let it dry and use for mulching months later....the moment it's hydrated, it will begin to propagate! I remember being very surprised. It seemed indestructible, like nothing could kill it. It quite annoyed me actually that my rooftop vegetable bed had Giloy growing all over it as I had used dried stems as mulch.

May 05, 2020

Pandemic of Benevolence [2]: The End of the Barbaric Age

As we learn new information about wrongdoing related to the pandemic, we must introspect in order to identify and eradicate similar instincts within us. Then we would truly move past the age of barbarianism.

In part one, Grand Design: Pandemic of Benevolence (March 31st) I suggested that a new age is upon us that would lead to unprecedented goodness in all aspects of our future lives. In the write-up I offered a conceptual framework based on our evolving consciousness that would take us to what I called 'the age of benevolence.' Since then, celebrities, artists, sections of media, and even corporations have pointed out benevolent aspects of the pandemic; demonstrated a new respect and yearning for the natural world; and have contributed to the vision of a future that is unlike the past.

If a benevolent age lies in our future, in the second installment, I reveal new information that illuminates our dark past - the age that is ending. A fitting title would be 'the age of oppression' or 'the barbaric age.' These seemingly shocking aspects of this pandemic can easily lead us into the trap of blaming the 'others' involved. Yet, if we are able to look within, in order to find these instincts in our own thought patterns and purge them, we would move past the darkness.

These revelations might appear incredulous but my purpose is not to shock and certainly not to blame. Even though you might find them hard to believe, just reading them now would serve three purposes.

One is to prepare you so that when this information becomes common knowledge, you have a soft landing and are saved from being horrified. Two, as I said, I'd like to urge you to look for similar patterns of thought within yourself as I argued in the previous post, our outside world is only a reflection of our inner world. Third purpose of revealing this information is that if it's indeed proven true, you would have greater faith in other things revealed by the same source.

Note: the source of this information is described at the end.

# 1. The Virus Origin and its Spread is Questionable

It is commonly understood today that the virus originated in a wet market in Wuhan in China and spread to other countries on its own. There is increasing support for the idea that it leaked accidentally from a Wuhan lab but this idea is not widely accepted. In time, we will learn from whistle blower accounts or other definitive evidence that although it's not bio-engineered, the virus did leak from the Wuhan lab. We will also find out something that virtually no one is talking about right now. That both, Chinese and United States government had a role in spreading the disease. Eventually, this will transform the politics in both nations. China will radically change over the next twelve years.

Questions for self reflection

Have I ever wished for someone else to come to harm for my own gain or satisfaction? How prevalent is this tendency in other people who I know closely? What about elsewhere in the society in which we live and participate every day, such as business, politics, sports? Is it presented in films and other media as the norm? If it's everywhere, why am I shocked to see it magnified on such scale? Most importantly: Can I do something to mitigate this instinct within myself?

# 2. Coronavirus Disease is Treatable Without a Vaccine

There's a lot of uncertainly in the scientific community about the disease due to lack of research at this stage. New information [released mid April] from the source suggests that in time the following will be commonly understood about the deaths being attributed to the virus:
  • The virus does not kill the patient, it's the immune system which overreacts to the virus in some people that causes the death.
  • The virus may take the infected person to a point where recovery and death are both possibilities but then something else happens.
  • ICU deaths are following a trend that is surprising doctors as this virus behaves in a manner unlike other viruses and is leading to a very quick death.
  • Most people have strong immune systems but some do not. In the latter individuals, the immune system, which has never seen something like this virus, responds to it in a way that may be termed as an over reaction which leads to their death.
  • This response of the immune system is manageable and every single death is avoidable without the need for developing a vaccine.
  • Doctors and nursing staff are doing a commendable job. Some of them have noticed this trend but they are not certain. In time, when this information is better understood, coronavirus will be like any other flu when it returns, which it will.
  • We could save a lot of lives if only the medical community today would understand that instead of focussing on the virus, the key is to focus on the immune system and prevent it from over reacting.
  • It's likely that some in the pharmaceutical industry that are working on the vaccine already understand this behaviour and have deliberately withheld this knowledge from the health care industry.
I have passed on this information to the immunopathology department of a premier medical institute in North India (PGIMER). If you know someone in the research community / senior doctors / ICU specialists working on COVID-19, please pass on this information for their consideration.

Note, the last bullet is my own judgement (pattern matching) based on past statements by the source but not supported by the specific account in April on which this information is based.

Questions for self reflection

Have I ever withheld information from others that may harm my own interests? Do I feel justified in withholding such information? What can I do to adopt greater honesty when I face such a situation in a relationship or interaction with others?

# 3. A Mass Pruning of the Economy is Underway

When you go to attend a long meditation retreat you are told that the very first requirement is isolation. The whole world just underwent meditation training with the lockdown. It's only when you stop everything that is when what's important and what's not begins to get clear. The intuition begins to flow and you realise things you had forgotten. The isolation allows you to take a hard look at the way things stand and gives you the opportunity to clean it up and start afresh.

The planet and all the systems including capitalism is in reboot mode. What's next is a recalibration along the following lines:
  • The economy will not collapse. This is not the end of capitalism.
  • The stock market is set to rebound, not set to fail. It's not dead.
  • A reboot of commerce will correct the systemic problems of the economy.
  • Many businesses will fail and will not reopen. Ones that shouldn't have been there in the first place.
  • The reboot is a pruning of the things that should not be there.
  • Systems that weren't working. Processes that were almost broken, when they come back from zero will permanently change.
  • This will recalibrate systems, businesses, economies.
  • Entire industries may disappear as they are recognised as no longer necessary.
  • New industries and new inventions will appear that are considered impossible today.
  • All those who said the kind of change that was needed for sustainable development was impossible with the economies were right.
  • But with this pandemic world economy is at zero right now and it will rebound differently.
  • There's immense hope right now for this planet because of the coronavirus pandemic.
Questions for self reflection

Have I learnt from the recent isolation how little I really need to live? Do I understand the difference between needs and wants? Can I do an exercise to examine which parts of my lifestyle are truly essential and which are extraneous? Can I give up the parts that are not really needed and look afresh at introducing new aspects?

Remember the pandemic's higher purpose

With the above revelations one can end up feeling shocked but if you include in your perspective the benevolent outcome it is leading to, your feeling would shift to that of hope. As I said in part one - the pandemic is a symptom of a malignant tumour inflicting humanity and we are collectively being prepared for surgery. For some people, this can be a cause for celebration.

Closing the door on the age of barbarianism

If we wish to accelerate this change, we need to go deeper into our own individual consciousness to eradicate the patterns of thought that are similar to the aspects of outer change that is upon us that we dislike. Everything that we see in the outer world is only a mirror of our inner world.

Let us vow never to wish harm to another being, never to hide information deliberately from someone just because revealing it does not serve our interest and let's give up the parts of our lives that do not add meaning.

Source of this information

The above information is based on channelled material. Channelling is a method of accessing information which is akin to psychic awareness. According to Helané Wahbeh, ND, MCR, director of research at Institute of Noetic Sciences based at Petaluma, California, channelling is a legitimate and common method to access inspiration and information from beyond space time. Her research can be accessed here.

Specific information on Coronavirus origin, treatment and impact was channelled by an individual named Lee Carroll in the months of March and April through an entity called Kryon. Lee has been channelling Kryon since 1989 and has published over fifteen books from the channelled material. He has been invited to the United Nations seven times in the past by the United Nations Staff Recreation Council. More information about Lee can be found on his website.  So far, Kryon has provided Coronavirus information in three different channellings that are available as audio files on his website. See transcript of the most recent channelling regarding treatment. Please use your best judgment to make use of this information.

April 22, 2020

I've Got to Win

The first part of the poem describes an aspect of physical reality that we do not wish to acknowledge. The second part, of equal length, describes its non-physical counterpart that's just as difficult to accept. We keep them at a distance because they make us uncomfortable. Yet, if we consider these aspects without judgement and bias and are able to incorporate them into our perspective, they will set us free and on a path to a new future. Over 2500 words.

I've Got to Win

On the screen
off the screen
there’s an image
I cultivate.
Always in control
knowing what to say.
Let’s keep it that way.
I've got to win.
I've got to win.

How do I innovate.
Push more sales
before this date.
Grab eyeballs.
Think out of the box.
Make it big.
Create a storm.
I've got to win.
I've got to win.

I know their president.
I shook his hand.
Strike a deal
they can't find fault.
Hush hush
be discreet.
If you get caught
I don't exist.
Should someone die
deny, deny.
I've got to win.
I've got to win.

Take over this.
Take over that.
Find a market
that no one's got.
Should it crash
get the suckers to
print currency
or legislate.
I don't care
be not late
too much at stake.
I've got to win.
I've got to win.

'Is it fair'
Of course not.
Do you live in
a fool's paradise?
It's a war out there.
Do you know
what the other did?
Shut your hole
you’re expendable.
I've got to win.
I've got to win.

Update CV, bcc all.
The highest bidder
gets me to slave.
A Fortune 500?
I'll sell my soul.
It's good money
I don't mind.
All they ask
is to haul stones.
And when I'm out
of the puppet's hand
I get to be
king for a day
or until lasts
the holiday.
In the hotel
at the movies
or hip cafe
they make me feel
I own the place.
They hardly care
if I’m in debt
up to my neck.
That’s okay.
It only means
I’m a bonded slave
for rest of my days.

Don't despair.
I don't think this way.
Coz in my pack
there’s an app for that.
Brilliant stuff
it doesn’t give me
a moment to think
to reflect on
what I truly want.
Ex superman
now screen slave
a bio robot.
That’s okay.
A few more years
I'll be king for real
and have under me
my very own slaves.
Then I will
only slave
for a king
who's bigger still.
I've got to win.
I've got to win.

Wisdom teachings?
What’s that?
Is it on Netflix?
Oh you mean that.
That’s for grandpa folks.
Life is short.
Who cares if I've got
to come back here
and sit in the grade
I skipped this time
all over again.
I got to go.
Life is short.
and I don't have
no attention span.
I've got to win.
I've got to win.

Screen after screen
flicking or clicking
I sit hunched
with rapt attention
seeking the
elusive one.
It must be here
just one more sec.
I'm certain
it can't be far.
Eternal salvation
a lottery win.
Let me search
some more.
The jokes are funny
wisdom refined.
Give me a minute
let me find
the perfect bargain
cricket score.
Let me check
a final time
how many likes
did I elicit
over the last

I invite you home.
Remind me tomorrow
to implant a chip
under my skin.
I've got to win.
I've got to win.

I'm the intelligentsia
I find fault everywhere
and what's more
I've got a cure.
I love to argue
and pat my back.
If proven wrong
I won't admit.
Looking within
I don't do well.
Let me tell you my friend
what I love the utmost
are battles on TV screen
every 9PM I’ll outwit them.
Numbers, logic are my friend.
Emotion, empathy
not my vocabulary.
My twitter feed
my calling card.
I've got to win.
I've got to win.

As a man of science
I’m after mystery.
I can find anything
as long as
I abide by
existing theories.
Something outside
that doesn’t get me
a research paper
is better ignored.
Should I challenge
this sacred convention
I will be ostracized
labelled a crank
even if
I have
a Nobel rank.
I've got to win.
I've got to win.

In Hollywood
or card game
in the boardroom
on the shop floor
retailer or realtor
or expansion
in Wimbledon
or Olympics
how can he
be ahead of me.
I've got to win.
I've got to win.

What is it that
I’m fighting for.
What is it that
I want more.
Could it be
the other side
an aspect of me?
That must mean
in consciousness
we are one
and separation
an illusion.
No, no, no.
That’s just fantasy.
I’ve got to win.
I’ve got to win.

Look at them.
Have they no shame.
An outrage it is
the greatest one.
Did you see
what I wrote?
Expose them splendid
I would.
After all
the pen is mightier
than the sword.
Bring out the pickets
a few signatures more
we’ll raise a furore.
The sky is falling
This can't go on.

Just don’t tell anyone
it's not the first time
sky has fallen on me.
I'm attracted
like a moth
to fires everywhere.
Coz in my belly
it's a fire I've got.
As a child
I had a difficult time.
I carry around
a wound unhealed.
It hurts me still
and fuels the outrage
elsewhere I feel.
I've got to win.
I've got to win.

Oh my dear
you've picked
a difficult adversary.
In matters of spirit
I'm authority.
A thousand videos
on my channel
hail my supremacy.
In all these years
I've never been asked
a question that
I answer cannot.
What's this you say?
God is bigger
than my Guru told me?
That's just blasphemy.
Did you know
my Guru divine
sold a billion
And who are you?
Let's leave it at that
coz you got me trapped
in a question that
I answer cannot.
It matters not
as no one knows
what transpired
between you and me.
I've got to win.
I've got to win.

I know this man
he’s a little weird
says if you talk to plants
they do magic for you
and it’s hard to believe
but dreams come true.
He left the city
to live on a farm.
Have you ever
thought of that?
Ha ha ha.
That’s not for me.
I love nature
but I’m happy here
in my comfort zone.
I’ve got this house
and some property.
It’s the city for me.
My chosen abode.
I seek peace
in a race track.
I’ve got to win.
I’ve got to win.

Look, I won!
I have arrived.
On Everest I stand.
The highest ground.
All alone.
See my medals.
Notice the shine.
Wait, it’s peeling off.
Just a paint?
It was pure
I was told
silver and gold.
And why don’t I
hear any accolades?
Envious eyes
I find everywhere.
Why do I feel
empty within?
I strived for this?
All my life
I gave it all.
When I'm here
the ultimate prize
does not cut it.

What was that?
Did I just slack?
There are tougher climbs
further still.
Let me get back
on the hamster wheel.
I've got to win.
I've got to win.

I'm humanity.
In this race
I've got to win.
That's all I know.
Separated at birth
from my father
I've always run
like Forest Gump.
I don't know why.
Sometimes I think
it’s a survival struggle
sometimes I run
for a bigger status.
Whatever it is
I've got to win.
That's all I know.

Sometimes though
I have my doubts
a fleeting feeling
little voice inside.
It is meaning
I truly seek.
I brush it away
not thinking through
distractions help
keep me running away.
I've got to win.
That's all I know.

Oh my god
It's a road block
what do I do?
I can't stand still.
A monster they say
is out on the way.
They’re asking me
to keep away.

Trapped at home
my chosen abode
removed from nature
a prison it is
of glass steel concrete.
Watching the news
makes it worse.
I've moved furniture
watched a million films.
Flicked screens
till the finger hurts.
Ran the treadmill.
It's just not the same.
All this free time
I didn’t realise
was a secret wish
I always had in mind.
Tired of running
I used to say
‘I wish I had time.’

Could it be
that a part of me
is prodding still
to go deep within?
Who am I?
Why do I run?
Why am I here?
Where am I going?
What is it that I run from?

I heard a rumour
strange as it sounds
says the myth is separation
one I am with all creation.
The air I breathe
the plants I eat
birds and animals
mountains and sea
and people too
are physical manifestation
of one supreme.

Between lives
before birth
I sign contracts
and promise to serve.
The best for all
the best for me
are no different
they pretend to be.

Late at night
when I go to sleep
I inhabit worlds
I won't believe.
More real than real
is such a dream.
Out of my body
I'm a soul
shooting through
a cave of light
I arrive
in another realm.
Dear oh dear
Why do I feel
I belong here.
In timeless time
I find
a vision grand
beyond sublime.
Words can't describe
the music I see
the colours I hear.
Fragrance I taste
does not compare
with anything which
I was familiar.

Oh how trivial
were my concerns
back on Earth.
A foolish life
in which I thought
I was born to run.
"A school it was
chosen by you
my dearest son.
A puzzle to find
your way back home
O magnificent one.
Of all the worlds
it’s a special one.
An elite school
the toughest test
the highest level
and you are all
every one
a fine student
an explorer race

you're best of the best.
There are others
your star brothers
they may seem
far advanced
but don’t compare
what you call
with life experience.
Very few
have the courage to
forget their link
and undergo
what you go through.
They’re waiting here
a stadium full
of eager souls
to cheer for you
and catch a glimpse
of the one graduating
with a perfect score.
You are, for us
and have always been
a celebrity, a hero.
One who’s dearly loved."

Says a light
brighter than bright.
It’s all a surprise
filled with joy
I cannot believe!
I’m overwhelmed.
I’ve never felt such love
and never been so loved!
Isn’t that what I truly seek?
To love and to be loved.
In a misty mist
I’m enveloped.
In loving embrace.
I'm Her and Him
only One
beyond bliss.

As I emerge
a question unsaid
surges ahead.
Why do we
have such a test?
Back on Earth
why does man
suffer so much?
Why don’t we
remember this love?
“O dearest son
your purpose is joy

and it's your destiny
to discover your
creator status.
Eons ago
in your infancy
I lived with you
as a voice inside
that you could hear
loud and clear.
A golden era
divine age
you and your mother
worked in grace.
Then came a time
you chose for yourself
a difficult lesson.
It wasn’t a fall.
You didn’t sin.
Don’t carry on
with guilt within.

It was a choice
and you decided
to make it steep
the learning curve.
I had to leave
you were hurt
and were made to
change your beliefs.
I was around
but only as
a faint voice
you could barely hear
in commotion and din
of ego birthed within.
Dazzled by glitz
you put on your eyes
a blindfold.
From a sovereign being
you turned a slave.
Once a creator
you now knew
only control.
All because
your wanted to
learn a lesson
on how to live
how to love
and how to find
your way back home

on your own.
Suffering pain
birth after birth
for thousands of years
it was a plan
very grand.
It made you
who you are.
You’ve been
A king, a peasant
and everything in between.
A mother, an adolescent
dying in war and famine
a child with plague
a murderer in rage
the one murdered
as well as the judge.
At different times
warrior and a lover
an honest man
a cunning leader
every gender, religion
race and colour
you’ve seen it all.
You’ve lived on
every continent.
Each birth not random
but consciously chosen
with the intent
to catalogue the experience
and expand your soul.
You may not remember
every detail
but the learning itself
is coded within
your DNA.

Son, the thousand lives
were preparation for
this very time.
You’re now ready
for the second act.
After all this time
you finally understand
there’s no separation
life has an order
that war doesn’t work
nor does judging others
or being a victim
serve a higher purpose.

A creator you are
of your reality
marching on
to a new destiny.
A time of choice it is.
As individuals and collectives
you have three paths ahead:
path one is of mother nature
and oneness with all creation

path two is of victimhood
and yearning for peace 

by waging battles
path three is that of addiction
to substance and technology.
Choose well, dear son.

What lies ahead
is a benevolent age.

The first to enter it
will be those who've found
their way back home.”

Beyond the veil
back on Earth
I realize now
He is in everyone
and everything
in invisible ways.
He talks to all
in whispered voices
and life experiences.
All can hear
or decipher
the signs that are

When I was born
I was told
I was alone
and to watch out for
a hit and run.
A victim I was
afraid to be
a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Judging you all my life
it wasn't my fault
forgive me please.
This is the way
it was meant to be
for my own awakening.
In higher vibration
there’s no separation
Let’s create
a beautiful world
devoid of competition.

You may ask
is this really true
or a yarn of fantasy?
How does it work?
I’ve got questions
a million already.
It’s not conjecture
or scripture I seek
nor a treatise
or sci-fi story.
It’s clarity.

Then prepare to go
on a voyage of
Outside not
but deep within.
If you choose so
there are those
who’ve gone before
you may take their company.
For over three decades
there are accounts
from hundreds of books
of voices beyond the veil
speaking through ordinary folks.
A seeker, an engineer, a scientist
a journalist, or a hermit
take your pick.
Based on these
I have a vision
to offer lessons
numbering seven.
You should know
that words don’t teach.
Wisdom is not
a mental game.
And never take
someone’s truth
as set in stone
until you
make it your own.
As you relate
what you learn
with the life you lead
you will have
the perfect tool
to evaluate your
new beliefs.
A Prism of Life.

Lesson first
is to open up
and learn to trust.
Lesson two
is to seek your mother
and offer her
a gift of love.
Lesson three
is a reprieve
from the life
of suffering.
Lesson four
is the journey home.
Lesson five
is your design.
Lesson six
is a lesson fine
for it reveals
a grand design.
Lesson seven
is your lineage
for you are a soul
older than old.

Manu Sharma
Eternity Family Farm,
Near Nangal Dam, Punjab

North India | 22/04/2020

Prism of Life is an online course on wisdom teachings that 
involves collating, categorising, pattern matching and comparing 
lessons from multiple 'beyond the veil' accounts. It has seven modules.
Watch for updates on this blog.

April 04, 2020


This poem is dedicated to Dhirendra Soneji who introduced the Ringing Cedars books to me.


I knew one day you would return
I let you go after your father left
for he wanted you to find him within.
I tried to comfort you
but it wasn't to be
I cried a thousand tears unseen.
They turned to ice, then flowed to sea
flooding all that was to see.
You're my son and I let you go
I knew one day you would return.
Can you imagine a love like that?

You tell your child
do this, don't do this
be that, don't be that
go this way, don't go there
careful, or you will fall.
Knowing not
every fall is a lesson to rise.
I love you so much I let you be.
Can you imagine a love like that?

Perfect just the way you are
yet you forgot and went in search
to find outside what you had within.
But that was the way it was to be.
You moved mountains, cleared forests
built empires, cities and conglomerates
and invented a million other things.
Searching all the while
to find outside what you had within.
In the image of your father
you are meant to be.
Forgetting me and your lineage too
you sought meaning inside walls
in things and pleasures
wars and conquests
and mental castles of the inflated 'me'.
Ignoring the beauty
and perfection all around
disconnected, uprooted, separated
you stumbled, plundered and believed
that suffering was the way to be.

A tree in bloom is still a tree in bloom
if you sever a branch away.
A mountain lets you make way
and a flower plucked is happy still
to adorn your house every day.
The air will take in all you give
and ocean will sink or float
every little trinket or toy you once loved.
A river dammed forgives.
Can you imagine a love like that?

You looked for your father everywhere.
You built temples and bowed inside
always seeking him outside.
Yet he lives within and so do I
for how can it be otherwise.
You're my son and I let you go
I knew one day you would return.

And then yesterday, after all these years
I heard you call my name.
As if waking from a slumber
still not awake yet you are astir
'cause in your dream you planted a seed
taking it from your mouth you sowed it deep.
Oh, how I waited for your touch.
What a dream, it is magnificent much
full of magic, aspiration and new creation.
I beamed with joy as I always knew
my prodigal son is to return anew.
For this was planned before you were born
designed this way it was by You.

My doors are open as they've always been
but in sorrow you remember what you've lost.
In dirt, you seek a cleansing.
You shall have all that you seek
now that you've learned to dream.
A thorough cleansing it will be
for there is a higher purpose to be served.

It's time for my son to come home a prince
and to find what is truly his -
a crown, for he is now a king!
Yours is the earth my son
the stars above are home
and if you wish to dream a star anew
spiral into existence it would.
For you have discovered eternity
joy as the purpose is yours to be.
And so it is.

Manu Sharma
Eternity Family Farm,
Near Nangal Dam, Punjab, India
3:50 AM, 04/04/2020

UPDATE 16-Apr 2020
Inspired by living sentience of earth channelled by Pepper Lewis
To learn more about Pepper, see a Foreword by Lee Carroll to one of her books.
Also inspired by the teachings of Anastasia, Kryon, The Urantia Book, and Lyssa Royal Holt.
Title is borrowed from a recent essay on coronavirus by Charles Eisenstein.
Image: Eric Laforgue @ Jizan Province, Addayer, Saudi Arabia.

See also, my post on the Coronavirus Pandemic
A Grand Design: Pandemic of Benevolence 

March 31, 2020

A Grand Design: Pandemic of Benevolence

Coronavirus pandemic is potentially a historical turning point for humanity that could transform nations, politics, economies and societies by unshackling us from belief systems of the past and opening doorways for the age of benevolence.

Imagine a future in which borders have little significance any more and so does race, colour, gender, caste, or sexual orientation; there are no more wars, nuclear and conventional weapons no longer exist; crime has reduced dramatically and so has poverty; everyone has access to clean drinking water; we have cleared islands of waste in the oceans; food is free of harmful chemicals; cancer is far less prevalent and has multiple cures; man made laws are losing relevance as humanity recognises greater laws; power generation and transportation requires no fossil fuels, causes no pollution; corporations care for the planet; humans treat animals with love; news media cover positive aspects of stories; women have greater respect and say in society; people recognise the importance of beauty, poetry, music, love in their lives; they no longer feel that their fate is to suffer in silence, instead, they embrace joy as their primary purpose; living in Nature replaces living with luxury as the highest common aspiration; politicians are honest and transparent; and we even have help from our galactic relatives.

If the above passage sounded idealistic and utopian it is my assurance that as you read through this post, you would find in it a conceptual framework on which it is based. As you do, it is my hope that your perception would shift from "totally bizarre" to "what if!"

A Most Exciting Period for Humanity

Earlier this month, I was describing the idea of a black swan event (high impact, low probability occurrence) elsewhere without realising that we were in the midst of one. In my defence, the WHO had not yet declared it a pandemic. Days later as the reality sank in and as I contemplated the events in light of the lessons learnt from the teachings, I realised that it's the most exciting development for humanity that could catapult us into another era. A much bigger change than the environmental benefits we see around ourselves awaits us. Is it possible that the event is the result of ongoing evolution of human consciousness and is taking us towards change we cannot conceive today?

Little Reason for Fear and Panic

First of all, I want to offer some perspective that may give you solace from constant fear being promoted in the media. I would say that as long as one maintains social distancing and hygiene there is actually little reason to worry. Precautions are crucial and I am glad that decisive action at an early stage has enabled India to fare far better among large countries.

The media has not reported that so far the virus has had a limited impact in India compared to more industrialised nations. Some would say that is the result of inadequate testing, but the figures do not support that notion. Today's Hindustan Times reports that per million population, testing in India is 60 times less than UK but they don't mention that causalities in India are 1050 times less (0.02 in India vs. 21 in UK). Compared to the U.S, testing in India is 82 times less but deaths are 500 times less per million population (0.02 vs. 10). It is true, we lag behind in testing but we are much further behind in the impact of the virus on the population.

The Atlantic magazine has outlined four possible timelines for the lifespan of virus ranging from two months to two years. I will hazard a guess that we will see the virus suddenly disappear within their most optimistic scenario #1, anytime from next week to end May. This “false alarm” outcome would of course be fantastic, but also produce “a lot of head-scratching” among public-health experts, reports the magazine.

It's also important to recognise that most cases of infection lead to only mild symptoms with a relatively quick recovery. A large share of positive cases are of people who have no symptoms whatsoever. So, even if one contracts the disease, please understand that it's not the end of the world. A family friend in UK who is a physician with the NHS has contracted the disease along with her husband, also a physician, as well as their two children. Yet they are not worried.

So my suggestion is, take all recommended precautions but then let go of anxiety and worry. Cultivating a positive outlook will be extremely helpful at this time. The opposite of fear is gratitude. If you can find things in your life to be grateful about, you will take back the power you unknowingly gave away as fear.

Let's also acknowledge that with more than half the population in lockdown around the world currently a large number of deaths are being saved due to air pollution and traffic accidents avoided during this period. Remember that air pollution is the single largest environmental health risk that takes an estimated seven million lives annually worldwide. About two million more die in traffic accidents. Both figures are by WHO.

Could the Outbreak Have a Higher Purpose?

I believe that is the case. I will answer that question in three stages: by offering a look inside our mass consciousness; unveiling the benevolent agenda behind the pandemic; and finally, describing how it's leading to an astounding future.

Part 1. Unseen Picture: The Two Polarities in Mass Consciousness

A key principle in the teachings, suggest that all physical reality has consciousness as the underlying principle. This applies to individual experiences as well as national or international events. What we think individually or collectively, over and over again, that is, whatever vibration we hold - its equivalent is always manifested as our experience.

The present age is characterised by extreme polarity between two forces that have been in conflict over the last fifty years or so. On one side is the energy of conservative attachments and on the other is the energy of progressive desires.

Conservative Attachments

Conservative attachments in the context of a person or collective is the notion that when they are faced with unpleasant stuff, they refuse to address it and instead continue to cling to their old way of doing things. It represents the refusal to change regardless of the energy of evolution that is always propelling them to move out of the box in which they have decided to imprison their reality. This clinging energy sabotages the evolution of the individual or the collective in all other areas.

This energy is represented today by those who hold the positions of power and influence in governance, economy and other spheres. In terms of age, I would say the majority of those above the age of fifty today represent this energy. If we consider the present political leadership in the two most powerful countries, United States and China, we see that one is deeply controversial and conservative while the other is an authoritarian regime. The energy of conservative attachments can be seen in all other countries and other populations but is most clearly evident in these two nations that are key players in the pandemic situation unfolding right now as will be seen in near future.

Progressive Desires

Progressive desires is the other force in an individual or mass consciousness that is the opposite pole of conservative attachments. It is the energy of desperately wanting change or pushing for it without having a sense of whether the change is appropriate at the time or not. It is the wild desire to jump out of the box and rush forward in a new direction when the individual or mass consciousness may not yet be ready to do so.

In today's political context in U.S and China, it is the protest movements that represent the energy of progressive desires. In the United States: the occupy movement of the previous decade led by those disenfranchised from economic and social order; protests against Donald Trump in recent times, including the multiple women's marches; the 2017 people's climate march, last year's climate strikes led by activist Greta Thunberg and so on are all examples of this energy. In terms of age, this energy is represented by the youth, specifically, those younger than 30 years of age.

China's neighbouring Hong Kong has recently witnessed quite remarkable protests, largely driven by the youth that continued non-stop for several months until the outbreak of the epidemic. Often in dramatically large numbers and in very creative ways, the protestors who won a local election recently, have been protesting against the move by China to exert greater control over the region.

As a former climate activist in India, for about eight years I was part of the energy of progressive desires until I questioned my approach, abandoned activism, and sought answers within. Since then I've moved towards organic cultivation, living in a garden in our family farm while discovering and practising the teachings.

The Trigger

These two poles have been on the opposite end of the spectrum in mass consciousness, one refusing to change old beliefs and the other rushing to embrace new ones without thinking through it. Whenever polarities develop in the life of a person, a relationship, nation or a planet, there tends to be a trigger event that offers choice. This trigger can cause one to go deeper into polarity and pain or it can open a transformational doorway. What happens thereafter depends upon the choice taken by the person or the collective.

I will come back to these two forces in the third part. For now, let's return to the pandemic for a moment.

Part 2. Pandemic in Disguise: Unveiling its Benevolent Agenda

A profound paradox of our age is that we live in the best of times and the worst of times. This is not a new phrase, the difference, and that is what makes it profound, is that the worst aspects of our times are now working for the best.

Imagine a game of soccer in which no matter who scores the goal, it's counted under the tally of the team you support. I've come to believe that's where humanity is right now! There has been a massive change inside mass consciousness that is barely perceptible on the surface to an ordinary person and yet it is deeply profound in significance.

It started around five decades ago but mainly catalysed in a significant way since 2012. We thought nothing has changed, yet everything has been changing right under our noses. The year 2012 was not about the end of the physical world. It was always about the end of the era of old energy and the beginning of a new benevolent age.

Human nature has been changing for the better. We are moving towards becoming an evolved consciousness, no longer shackled by the need for suffering. This doesn't mean that what we call evil has suddenly disappeared from the planet. It means that no matter how it plays out, no matter what it does, the energy that we call evil will now work for good. This means that aspects of humanity that are negative will be exposed and they will be transformed into good.

Stay with me for a thought experiment. Let's superimpose this goody-good image on the pandemic and see what we find out. We know that the disease has caused pain to thousands of families and for billions it has been a mind numbing experience to watch it unfold. If the notion of evil working for good is true, this entire series of events must hold deeper significance than what appears at the moment.

Is there an analogy we can find that will offer meaning? Oh yes, when a patient is to undergo a surgery for removal of a tumour, there is nervousness and fear before the procedure. The patient is then taken to the operating room, administered anaesthesia and the tumour is taken out. What if the pandemic is only a symptom of a malignant tumour inflicting humanity and we are collectively being prepared for surgery right now?

If that is true, this suggests that over the coming months and years, the pandemic would expose negative, even horrendous aspects about humanity and eventually we would eradicate them. We are already learning a number of lessons about the ways in which we live and consume natural resources. I believe we will learn many more lessons about ourselves in times to come.

Could these lessons also be about the origin of the disease, the way it was suppressed, the way it spread, the timing of its occurrence, and finally, the way we responded? Already there is a first whistle blower account, could there be many more to come? I have reason to believe that we will find out unconscionable human acts relating to this pandemic that will shock the world. Here is a scenario that is how I think it's likely to play out.

As we learn unpleasant things about ourselves, implicating people in power, there will be much uproar and many will say humanity has reached the lowest low and there is no hope. If that happens, I want you to remember that the higher reason for the scandal is to share knowledge about the tumour. When there are even greater tumours revealed and the shock gives way to calls for change and humanity comes out on the streets calling for a revolution, you will know that all is well and that the patient is on the way to the operating theatre.

This is what I meant that events which seem negative are now working for the good of everyone. Instead of being shocked by the negativity, we have the capacity to respond in a way that a mature consciousness would - by understanding that it here to offer us choice. The choice is to acknowledge the negativity and work towards overcoming it or ignore it and allow it to get worse. We must seize this amazing opportunity and choose change.

In the third and final part, I will describe how the outbreak is catapulting human consciousness towards another age.

Part 3. End of Normal: Our Astounding Future

I started the post with a seemingly utopian image of future and showed in part one the underlying forces in mass consciousness at play. In the second part I suggested a possible scenario in which I expect the pandemic will unfold in coming years and why it will be a benevolent outcome in the bigger picture if we choose change.

Mired in Old Beliefs

Let's get back to the two forces of mass consciousness that I talked about earlier, conservative attachments and progressive desires. For several decades there has been a war going on between these two, not necessarily led by the same group of people or even the same philosophy or ideas over the decades. It's about the nature of the ideas with one extreme representing protection of the status quo at all costs and the other trying to jump out to the new. Each side thinks it is right.

Now comes the most important aspect regarding this ongoing war. Our belief systems. Right now we are so mired in our personal and collective belief that it has kept us tied to the old energy, slowing down our movement towards higher consciousness. This belief system is the last gauntlet before the shift is made and overcoming it is humanity's greatest challenge.

Many of our conscious beliefs are actually echoes of unconscious beliefs that are much more powerful and over which we have no awareness as they are rooted in our unconscious. Laurie Santos, professor of psychology at Yale runs a course on happiness, that has been taken by over a million learners, that illustrates some of our unconscious beliefs.

Using the latest research in positive psychology Santos poses questions such as, why do we always misjudge what would make us happy? From a higher perspective of the teachings, the lessons today's science offers may not be the most important ones, yet they reveal part of the system that traps us inside the hamster wheel called pursuit of happiness which basically requires us to expend a lot of energy running all the while to reach nowhere in particular.

Lessons from the Pandemic

Now with the coronavirus pandemic people of all sections of society in all parts of the planet have been affected. The resulting lockdown of half of humanity has suddenly stopped the hamster wheel in their everyday lives. This unexpected and forced leisure has opened the possibility for inward reflection for people who never before could afford it or wanted any of it. I consider leisure as a critical requirement for inner growth.

As suggested earlier, at the most fundamental level what we face today is about choice. We must contemplate every aspect of our individual and collective lives and decide whether we wish to resume running inside the hamster wheel at the end of this episode or step outside and change in some significant way.

The choice is open whether it relates to our relationship with mother nature; our relationships with each other; our patterns of addiction through which we consume resources; the way we lead our lives, be that may about flying around the world or living in concrete boxes; honouring connectedness with all beings or living disconnected lives; whether we continue to value protection inside comfort zones or strive for resilience; whether we continue to believe in the illusion of development and progress or learn to question those beliefs; whether we indulge in gratitude or fear; and, whether we value faith or cynicism.

The End of Normal

Nobody could have imagined that the world would grind to a halt within a matter of weeks of spread of a disease. A great blessing is that "we've always done it this way" is no longer a valid excuse for anything. This implies that what was true in the past does not necessarily have any bearing on the future. This is a momentous change. Nothing that we held true in the past is true any more. Truly the greatest gift of the pandemic is the challenge it poses to our beliefs.

How Many People Would Actually Change?

Five and a half years ago I would have dismissed this post as a hopelessly romantic yarn. We tend to be reflexively cynical and that was my reality as well. Since then I've had a system upgrade, so to speak, and gained a new set of beliefs and body of knowledge that I simply call, the teachings. The teachings suggest that we are all connected in consciousness and therefore in the reality of one, numbers are insignificant. They say that if less than half percent of population changes a set of beliefs, it will affect everyone. They also suggest that one must begin with oneself and that our thought is the only reality we can truly control. And thought determines everything.

Birthing A New Consciousness

Remember, I said the two polarities have been held back by our beliefs. As the coronavirus pandemic has begun to dismantle our belief system, the moment this change is processed by mass consciousness, the moment we acknowledge it, what results is new consciousness.

Imagine a giant slingshot in which humanity is placed in the centre. The person holding back the stretched rubber band is our beliefs, the rubber band pulling the humanity forward is the coronavirus pandemic, the two ends on which the rubber band is tied are the two polarities in mass consciousness. As soon as humanity is released from the grip of its beliefs it would rapidly propel forward into the air, far away from the present reality towards ascension.

The energy of ascension is here. We are in a transition towards higher consciousness. This shift is evident in all spheres of life and you can see it if you know how to look. As I write, we are witnessing birth of a new consciousness on Earth. Whether it takes ten years to realize or thirty depends upon the choices you make today.

In Closing: Expect the Unexpected

In this post I have tried to illustrate some concepts that are very difficult to speak about in the mainstream as they exist outside of our common narrative, the body of knowledge and beliefs that make up science and history. A small but expanding circle of readers are familiar with the ideas contained in books published under the genre of mind, body and spirit. What I refer to as the teachings are derived from a set of books that came in my path over the last few years. The ideas in this post are informed by concepts from: Anastasia of Ringing Cedars, Abraham Hicks, Kryon, Matt Kahn, Lyssa Royal Holt among several others. They are also informed by some specific guidance released earlier this month regarding the pandemic by Kryon, Lyssa Royal Holt, and Matt Kahn.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of books offering guidance on transitioning towards higher consciousness that is in the reach of everyone. The image they project is of a benevolent future in which all of those unbelievable things I mentioned in the beginning will come true. If you are a reader of these books you may already know that something like this is coming. If you practice these teachings in your own life, you may know it experientially by having witnessed change in your own life with the change in your beliefs.

I close with a prose poem penned by Kitty O'Meara which went viral on social media earlier this month:
And the people stayed home. And read books, and listened, and rested, and exercised, and made art, and played games, and learned new ways of being, and were still. And listened more deeply. Some meditated, some prayed, some danced. Some met their shadows. And the people began to think differently.

And the people healed. And, in the absence of people living in ignorant, dangerous, mindless, and heartless ways, the earth began to heal.

And when the danger passed, and the people joined together again, they grieved their losses, and made new choices, and dreamed new images, and created new ways to live and heal the earth fully, as they had been healed.

[Update 3-Apr-2020:  Restructured part one for better clarity, without altering content. Original version available here.]

[Update 4-Apr 2020: See also, my poem: Coronation. Deeply metaphysical, it's about the unconditional love of Gaia or mother earth for humanity chronicled over thousands of years to the present day and beyond. It counters the narrative, in some circles, that views the pandemic as punishment.]

March 23, 2020

Metaphysics in Movies: Out on a Limb (1987)

Part of the series in which I recommend movies that force us to consider aspects of reality beyond the physical. 

Out on a Limb (TV Mini Series 1987)

Key Theme: Spiritual quest of Hollywood actress Shirley MacLaine

Section: Both parts, especially part two with the journey to Peru

Why is it Notable:

#1. For a fascinating portrayal of the inner struggle she faced in her quest to seek meaning in life;

#2. for including unexplained phenomenon in the film without the fear of ridicule and far ahead of its time;

#3 for the extremely short turn around time from book to movie (three years) and especially remarkable for an actress to act as herself in a biographical movie

About This Film: 

Six time Oscar nominated actress Shirley MacLaine portrays herself in screen adaptation of her autobiography by the same name. It was made for TV in two parts, first one is two and half hours and second part is around two hours. It starts with her affair with a politician from England which leads her on a journey to seek answers to the questions she has about her life and relationships. A character called David acts as her spiritual guide in this journey. The second part is mainly about her struggle to come to terms with the teachings she learns from David and through experiences she has herself.

March 22, 2020

Metaphysics in Movies: Flatland (2007)

Part of the series in which I recommend movies that force us to consider aspects of reality beyond the physical.

Flatland (2007)

Key Theme: Examines the world of dimensions through the perspective of geometric shapes.

Section: Entire film

Why is it Notable: 

Demonstrates the difficulty in conceiving a reality beyond one's everyday world even when that reality promises much more than the present (or perhaps because it promises much more).

About This Film

Written by a schoolmaster in 1884, Flatland, the novel, remained largely unknown until Einstein's theory of relativity proved the existence of a fourth dimension (time). Note, there are two animated Flatland films produced in 2007. One is called Flatland: The Movie, a 33 minute animated short film with voice over by known Hollywood names (recommended and available on torrent), and the other is a longer, full length film that is available on YouTube.

Metaphysics in Movies: Mindwalk (1990)

I love watching movies that do more than just entertain. For a long time now I've been meaning to start a series of posts on movie recommendations with themes of metaphysics. However, in order to ponder issues that are beyond everyday existence, a fundamental requirement is leisure. Unless you can remove yourself from everyday struggles and have the opportunity to focus on the bigger picture, there can be no inner growth.

These days, with a million distractions and the breakneck speed of life in which we engage, few can afford the luxury called free time. Until today. With a billion people under lock down in 35 countries today, now seems like the best time ever to reflect and contemplate about life and the meaning of existence. This is exactly what metaphysics is all about: contemplation of "the ideas" behind "the things."

In these posts, I'll write about movies that force us to think beyond the physical world as either part of their main plot or in certain sections. I will even include those films which are perhaps not written with the intent to illustrate a metaphysical aspect, but do so quite well nevertheless. First in the series is Mindwalk.

Mindwalk (1990)

Key theme: The interconnected nature of world problems

Section: Entire movie

Why is it Notable:

# 1) It includes a good primer on the difference between the two physics and what it means for us. The two physics, of course, are: Newtonian physics or "physics of the big things that fall" and the weird sub-atomic world of quantum physics (even though the film doesn't get into the truly weird parts like the observer effect and quantum entanglement);

# 2) it traces the root of modern problems to the idea of mechanistic thinking, which is fundamentally the idea of separation between man and nature, and shows through history, why this male principle is so deep-rooted in our society; 

#3) it emphasises the need to move to the feminine principle / right brain trait of nurturing, caring, and holistic thinking.

About the Film:

Few films are written by physicists, Mindwalk is one of them. This little known independent production is set in a medieval island in Europe in which nothing much happens except conversations between three people. One of the characters is Jack, an American presidential candidate who couldn't make it beyond the primaries. Another is a little known poet named Thomas, also an American who moved to live in Europe. Both of them are having a bit of a midlife crisis and are seen conversing while strolling around the city's picturesque spots until the third character, the main protagonist of the film, a woman named Sonia who is a physicist, enters the conversation.

One of the writers is Fritjof Capra, a physicist with a career spanning several institutions in Europe and America including a stint at a particle accelerator. Capra is most known for his 1975 book "Tao of Physics: An Exploration of the Parallels Between Modern Physics and Eastern Mysticism" which continues to sell well in spirituality category to this day. In it he argues: “Physicists do not need mysticism and mystics do not need physics, but humanity needs both.” The film is loosely based on his 1982 book, The Turning Point. I recommend this movie not for its recommendation in the conclusion (systems theory) but its diagnosis of society's problems (separation and left brain thinking / male principle).

March 03, 2020

Magnetic Engine is About to Enter Production Soon: Kryon

In this channeling given at Phoenix, Arizona on 11, January 2020, Kryon talks a little bit more about the magnetic engine that he spoke about in December 2019. Without giving away too much technical details he says it's about configuring magnets in a special array that provides push and pull. The key aspect, he says, has something to do with "phase relationships." At the end Kryon says it's to enter production soon.

A cursory search led me to a company in South Korea started by Russian engineers that is taking pre-orders for such a device. It's called Infinity SAV and it's got a US patent for their overunity device. I won't be surprised if Infinity SAV or others like it (I'm sure there are several more) are acquired by the likes of Tesla / Google / Apple etc.

Here is the select part of Kryon channeling:

[...] I said this one other time right before this year. I said what I told you to expect is happening. No longer is the idea of a new kind of electricity production of fantasy. No longer is it something in an inventor's mind. Because right now, I will tell you the magnetic engine is here. And it's here in many  incarnations. It's been here for a  while. It's been invented and now it's here and then there are those who are starting the second generation already. Suddenly everyone is looking at it!

Now what is that magnetic engine? The simplest way all of you can understand it is that there's incredible power in magnets. They push and they pull against each other. And the lifespan is forever!

You never looked at it as a source of moving wheels and creating electricity or anything. You decided it would be better if you had a little explosions with fuel and all of your cars were internal combustion and all of your machines. No one was using magnetics. And yet it's the biggest most lasting power you were given. And now suddenly it's everywhere.

Magnetic motors that will supply electricity for buildings, for homes, for devices, someday for cars, is here. It's here.

Now, an old paradigm says "well Kryon you don't know how the earth works here you know it's not gonna be here for long because when the when the utility companies find out about it they're gonna squash it, you know. Because they want to sell their electricity."

I'll tell you these utility companies will breathe a sigh of relief. Some of them will decide they're gonna be in the magnetic motor business. They're gonna embrace it with open arms because it's what the answer is.

Imagine that cold spell happening and you don't care about the [electricity] infrastructure and you don't care about the [transmission & distribution] wires because there are none. Because there's a magnetic motor perhaps it's not on the roof perhaps it's buried. That's gonna create electricity for you no matter what. No matter how cold it gets. It just goes and goes and goes. Never has to be looked at, or refuelled until the bearings wear out. That is the answer.

It's coming. It's coming for the production of cool and heat and more. We told you there'll come a day when there are no more batteries either. Storage won't occur to be what it is today. All of these things are here. A new technology called the super cap is here. All this is on purpose so that you will survive through these things, dear ones.

In many years you will come back perhaps and listen to this and realize the question I'm asking. Don't you find it interesting that the earth seems to be getting all of this at the same time when it always existed, in order to solve a problem that they haven't really even identified yet [referring to cold spell].

There are so many things that may not  make sense at the moment that will soon when it comes to these weather changes, the inventions that are happening, the reasons for them, and the cities that are  involved. There's more than I could tell you it wouldn't make sense right now but it's beautiful.

Imagine inventions being given to you now because consciousness is starting to move in a higher way. So you will see these things and realize these things and be able to survive even the coldest cold. You'll be able to survive and you won't have to move. Clever things are presenting themselves [...]

Not just the inventions but the consciousness that's using them, finally, will start understanding that magnetics is the way for so many more things than just motors. I told you years ago that you had before you - unlimited power with magnetics. Without fuel, without resources from the planet. Things that were given to you then. All you had to do - was make an arrangement of the array of the magnetics so that they would push and pull each against each other forever in an array that made sense for that situation. And watch for phase relationships between the parts.

Now, that's as far as I'm going to go because it would infringe on things that are happening right now. But today is the first phase and the second phase will surprise you.

By the way, if you want to track the history of electricity, when you stopped using whale oil to light your cities and you went to electricity it was direct current. Until Tesla came on. Tesla, he found something very very interesting. He used something called  "phase relationships" to give you alternating current which is what you use to this very day. You see phase relationships has always  been the answer. I will leave it at that.

Magnetic engines are here, dear ones. Production of power and electricity without wires, without fuel, without natural resources being used, without oil, without gas, will start to be manufactured soon. Right on schedule. Right on time.

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