October 29, 2005

A brief pointer about the man of the moment, I. Lewis Libby. Almost every newspaper has something intriguing to say about the little known former Chief of Staff of the Vice President... a man of mystique, an avid skier, one of the main authors of war on Iraq and author of a literarily hailed novel. But I came across this truly excellent profile in Washington Post article from few days ago: In the Spotlight And on the Spot.

I never write about politics on this blog and I also usually don't hold journalists (or the mainstream media, for that matter) in very high regard but this is really an exceptional piece. A good example of what journalism could be. The article is behind a free registration wall but definitely worth it. Read, if you like a good story.

October 04, 2005

Quick prediction in wake of Google's plan to Wifi San Francisco...

We will soon hear an announcement from Microsoft or Yahoo of buying a national ISP.

Reasoning: Google threatens all. The ISPs would want to sell to avoid being driven out of business. Microsoft/Yahoo would want to buy to compete with Google. (The telcos? They'll sleep some more.)
Expected realisation: a week to six months
Likely accuracy: high
Anyone talking about it yet: not that I know of
Time: Oct 04, 2005 01:52am IST (Oct 03, 2005 04.22pm EST)
So Google changed the world (again) over the weekend. Amazingly, it will just take $20 million to make all of San Francisco wireless. This has big implications. Hopefully I'll write on this soon, just have too much on my hands right now.

In another news, ComputerWorld Magazine quotes me in an article on H-1B Visa (scroll down to the end of the article, the very last line).