July 10, 2008

BBC Interviews Me (sort of)

Akash Soni from BBC Hindi World News Service, UK called in yesterday to interview me for a ten minute special edition radio programme on climate change.

I wasn't the only one interviewed though. Others featured in the programme include chief executive of Centre for Social Markets, Ms. Malini Mehra and IPCC Chairman R.K. Pachauri.

I think I spoke to them for 20-25 minutes. Out of this, a generous two and a half minute clip made it on air! I can be first heard at around 35 sec into it and then at about 6 min 30 sec. Click the play button below to listen or download the mp3 file.

PS: During the conversation, I also told them about the SunCube solar power device developed by Green and Gold Energy in Australia and their Indian licensee, Square Engineering. They ran a snippet on it right after the climate change programme. Though I don't know where they got the details about output and price.

PPS: According to an independent estimate, around 25 million people in India listen to BBC Hindi Service!

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