October 06, 2022

Awakening: A New Earth Takes Birth

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[Updates: 7-Oct: Added sections on planetary cycle and what it means to wake up, plus other minor edits | 8-Oct: Corrections and minor edits carried out for clarity] 

[Author’s note: This is a work of fiction unlike other posts on this blog. Any resemblance to a person or event is coincidental.]

Awakening: A New Earth Takes Birth 

A mother in Russia explains to her young daughter why everything is about to change for good. 

Exterior. A large garden with young fruit trees (some bearing fruit), creatively positioned flower beds, vegetable beds, vines, a hedge, shrubs, pathways and tree grooves that are just starting to get dense. A stable and a round paddock is seen next to a small house with gable roof made of wood shingles. Hexagonal gazebo stands in the middle of garden. Bird songs can be heard. Bees buzz. A dog lies about. Mother is picking berries while daughter approaches from behind. 

Yana: Mamochka, can I pick berries with you? 

Mother: (Looks up and smiles) Sure, dear. Here, take this (hands her a bowl and points to a shrub where she can start). I’m making Blackcurrant jam so we're picking only ripe ones, okay? 

Yana: Yes, mama. I'll just ask them. (Mother nods) I like picking things in the garden with you, mama. And I can tell which ones want to be picked. 

Mother: Yes, I noticed the tomatoes you picked the other day. They were perfect. Your father was impressed too. He said you’re getting good at listening. 

Yana: Thank you, mama. (Notices a large container of berries) Why do we need so many, mama? 

Mother: Oh I’m going to send some jam to Aunt Yulia. She really liked it last time she was here. 

Yana: Why doesn't aunt Yulia pick her own berries, mama? 

Mother: She would if she had a garden of her own, dear. She doesn't have one so I thought I’ll make her some. She’ll be visiting Russia soon.

Yana: Why doesn't she have a garden, mama? Everyone here has a family domain. Even uncle Alexander who lives in an apartment tends to a dacha on weekends. I thought everyone in the world had a garden, mama. 

Mother: Well, dear the place she lives is different. They don’t allow people to cultivate their yard. And most people don't have family domains or even dachas in that country either. Some live in apartments where gardens are not tended by residents. 

Yana: Why is that mama? Don't these people know about creating their space of love? Who greets them in the mornings? I always get a little sad when I sleep at Anya's place and wake up and my flowers aren't there. 

Mother: Don’t you like playing with Anya, dear? 

Yana: I do, Mama. I like playing with her, and her mom makes really nice smoothies but in the mornings my trees and flowers and animals aren't there to be greeted and that makes me miss them very much. Here when I step out of the house, Cookie is always waiting right outside the door. She gets all excited when I open the door. First she kisses my feet and then makes me sit down so she can cuddle up to me. Sometimes I'm still sleepy eyes and don't pay attention, she doesn't let go and keeps insisting I sit and let her cuddle. Then when I wake up fully the first thing I want to do is look at the new flowers and buds and touch them. 

Mother: And what about Anya's garden, dear. Doesn't she have a dog too? 

Yana: It's nice there mamochka but it's her garden. The plants there greet her. They don't look at me the same way. And Sunny only comes up to me when she isn’t around or isn’t paying him attention. He always goes to her first. 

Mother: Of course. That’s why it’s called a family domain, dear. A space of love that a family aspires for and creates, to live there for the rest of their lives. Not everyone knows about creating a space of love, dear. The power of love is an invisible thing and not everyone believes in the magic that is possible when we hold a personal relationship with trees and plants in such a space. How it bestows protection to the family. People believe that physical world is to be controlled by physical things. They think security comes only from having armed guards or secure locks and fences. They don’t know about the power of thought, feelings, and belief. 

Yana: Yes mama, the teachings. (Mother nods) 

(Long pause) 

Yana: Why has papochka gone for so long this time, mama? Earlier he was always back after a few days. 

Mother: Oh, didn’t I tell you? It must have slipped my mind. He isn’t in Tomsk dear. He left the university for Novosibirsk. 

Yana: Why Novosibirsk Mama? 

Mother: He was invited by the Academy of Sciences, dear. It’s about half hour south of Novosibirsk at a place called Akademgorodok. Oh, I must tell you, it’s very unique place. Unlike other towns Akademgorodok was built without clearing down the entire land, the way other towns are built. So all of the buildings and roads there exist right inside the forest. It's quite a sight.

Your father is actually there to receive an award at a prestigious conference. And then he’ll deliver a keynote. The people at Tomsk university are very pleased, the dean himself came up to see him the other day. 

Yana: What is prestigious mama and what’s a keynote? 

Mother: Prestigious means highly respected, dear. Keynote is the main and opening lecture at a conference where a lot of speakers get to present their ideas. Often the best and most important speaker is asked to deliver a keynote. It’s the first time your father has been made a keynote speaker. It’s a recognition of his latest work. Neither of us care much for accolades but he’s happy that his work is being recognised. 

Yana: He is the best teacher, mama. 

Mother: Yes dear. Apart from teaching at the university he also does research and it is that work that’s being appreciated. 

Yana: What did he do, mama? 

Mother: Well, you could say he validated a discovery. 

Yana: A discovery? 

Mother: Uh huh. 

Yana: Like my discoveries when I find out new things about myself, mama? 

Mother: Yes, dear. A part of humanity have collectively made a discovery for itself. Your father found scientific proof for it. In a way saying that it's true and real. 

Yana: What happens now mama? 

Mother: I think time has come when all of humanity will discover it, dear. 

Yana: Discover what mama? What did he find and how did he do it? 

Mother: The teachings, dear. The universal teachings that have been channelled by different people. The same teachings that we give you as birthday gifts? The idea that Man is born magnificent, that we come from the stars and we are the creator of our reality, that we’re entering a beautiful new age of benevolence where everyone will live together in harmony with Nature and with each other. 

Millions of people have discovered the teachings, applied them in their lives and found them to be true. But you won't read about it in the papers because educated people are told not to believe in such things. Your father found scientific evidence that the teachings are real. This is why he’s being recognised. 

Yana: Mamochka, I love the gifts of teachings. When I test them on the Prism of Life and make them real, I get a sense of discovery. How did papochka make them real, mama? 

Mother: Well, dear the scientific method is different. Science does not not recognise feelings and inner learning. So internal discoveries have to be confirmed in the external world. Your father created an Artificial Intelligence algorithm that can scan channelled material to identify unique patterns in it and determine its quality. You know that all the universal teachings are channelled, don’t you? (Yana nods) It means they are not written by humans. Do you remember what is channeling dear? 

Yana: Yes, mama - inspiration. Papa said some people are so gifted that they clearly see their inspiration. They understand it much more easily than most of us. They are called channellers. Their inspiration is something like getting a phone call. Except that there’s no person on the other side, just a voice. They get these calls when they meditate like you and papa meditate, mama. That voice has messages for humanity and these channellers write down or speak out the messages. 

Mother: (Smiles) Yes, it’s something like that dear. When you father discovered these teachings and found them to be true he felt a bit like Galileo who created the first telescope and wanted others to see the stars through it. When he told other scientist friends that thought creates our reality, they dismissed the idea outright without testing it just as the church dismissed Galileo without looking through his telescope. So he spent countless nights figuring out how to authenticate the teachings. Authenticate means find a way to establish whether they are credible or not. 

At first, he and his team at Tomsk spent a lot of time and hard work manually adding metadata to raw channelled material paragraph by paragraph in order to train the algorithm. Once they got it right then they worked on refining its accuracy. Finally, after working for two years he was able to establish that channelled material can be cross referenced. What that means is that there are common patterns across a large number of material that has been channelled at different times by different individuals located at different places. He found evidence that the core truths in all materials are of similar nature. This would have been impossible had they been fabricated or fictional. So he had the proof he was looking for. 

This algorithm was also able to identify channellers whose channellings are of low quality or corrupted in some way as well as identify patterns that makes a channeller authentic. He published a paper about it last year and it has been making waves in the academic circles, which is rare for this field. Already within nine months it has a record number of citations. Now it’s receiving this award. 

Yana: But why only him, mama? Papa says some of these channellings have been there for a long time. Why didn’t anyone else do it? 

Mother: That’s a very good question! You really want to know? 

Yana: Yes, mama. Please tell me everything. 

Mother: Everything? (Yana nods confidently) You’re certainly getting older and wiser. Okay first tell me dear, how many days have passed since your seventh birthday? 

Yana: Today is 5th October. (Counts on fingers) Nineteen, mama. 

Mother: I feel as though something has changed in our world on your birthday. Something big and important that we will find out later. Anyway, if you want to know everything I will have to use a lot of words you may not fully understand. 

Yana: That’s okay mama. Just tell it to me as a story. 

Mother: Okay, come, let’s go sit at the gazebo. 

(Both walk silently to the gazebo and sit on a bench side by side looking out to the garden with a bed of Liliums right ahead) 

Mother: You know, about eight years ago when we moved from Moscow to Tomsk to set up this family domain we had left everything behind. Your father’s colleagues thought it was not wise to abandon a good career. In our minds though we were trusting that something else would turn up. Soon enough he was offered a very good position at the university here. He got to head a department and worked out an arrangement where he would spend three days a week at the university and four days with us. 

Your father is highly regarded in the academic circles dear because of his unique qualifications. He did his graduate studies in the U.S in two very different areas - psychology and computer science. It was the early years of the internet so he worked in the tech industry for two years before he left and came back into academics. 

Yana: Why did he leave it, Mama? 

Mother: Well, your father and I have talked about it and it comes down to two things. You know sometimes it happens that you don’t agree with the company where you are working. It could be a decision they make or a policy that you don’t like. Maybe it goes against your values, or maybe it’s unfair. Then it becomes very hard to keep working there. This happened with both of us at different times in our lives. 

Before Perestroika, Soviet Russia was a very different country dear. Your grandfather was an honest and ethical person and he raised your father in the values of those times. When your father visited America for studies it was a culture shock for him. Even though Russia had changed by the time he left, yet his roots were in Soviet times. He had difficulty assimilating the American culture. 

Your father joined the tech company because it was doing something remarkable and it was headed by two Russian Americans who were his colleagues at Stanford. It was the search engine that everyone loves - Jiingo. When your father joined them he had passionate discussions with the founders against advertising. All three of them hated it. 

Yana: What is advertising mama? 

Mother: Oh, I forgot. How do I explain advertising to someone raised without newspapers, TVs and screens? Umm… (pauses) Okay, do you remember the magic show grandpa took you to during our Moscow visit? (Yana nods) Your grandpa was upset your father didn’t let him turn the TV on while we were there. Anyway, remember the part where the oldie magician invited people from the audience and made them do silly and funny things? 

Yana: Haha. That was the funniest part mama when the two boys thought they were dogs. Papa later explained that it’s called hypnosis. 

Mother: Ah, you remember! Yes, it was funny. Well, your father says advertising is pretty much the same as hypnosis. It makes people do funny and silly things like buying stuff they don’t need and supporting companies that should not exist. Your father used to say that advertising is the most harmful modern invention, much worse than television itself. Harm is caused not just due to its impact on people but even the businesses that survive solely on advertising become the worst version of what they can be. 

Your father was attracted to the founders' brilliance and clarity of thought. But unlike him they were raised in America with very different values. There came a time when the company decided to accept ads. One of the founders did not favour this decision but he couldn’t raise his voice and went along with it silently. Your father says this happened on so many other occasions later on that the silent founder literally lost his vocal chords. 

At that time your father was devastated with the decision to go with the ads based business model. But I think more than that he was fearful of where the path would lead Jiingo. He knew the founders were geniuses and he knew the corruptive influence of advertising on businesses. The two together were bound to be disastrous. 

He left the company. His friends joke that had he continued he would have become a millionaire in a few short years as the company went public. But your father has never been after money. He returned to Russia and decided not to continue working in the tech industry. He intuitively realised at that time what he concluded through his research in later years - that technology without an ethical core could do tremendous harm. 

Back at home he went back to continue his postgrad studies at Moscow University where he eventually joined as professor in the psychology department. A double major in computer science and psychology is a rare combination among his peers. A double doctorate is unheard of. His main area of expertise is human and technology interactions. He has published a ton of papers on how human behaviour is influenced by advertising, internet, social media, virtual reality and so on. 

This is why he was offered to start a new department at Tomsk University - The Digital Man. In recent years his research has focussed on artificial intelligence and consciousness. Do you remember your conversation with him about AI during our Moscow visit? 

Yana: Yes, mama. I asked him about the AI washing machine Alex told me about. He explained that it meant it had artificial intelligence and it’s for people who don’t want to think. He said that the intelligence of the natural world is much superior to artificial intelligence of machines. That's why it's called 'artificial'. It means fake. He said Nature has ‘living awareness.’ He said all AI machines have devices and instructions built inside them that only give them dead awareness. He said only the perfect things of the natural world have been given consciess (mis-pronounces consciousness) or living awareness. 

Mother: Do you know why consciousness is called living awareness, dear? 

Yana: Because it is alive, mama? 

Mother: Yes, but what makes it alive? 

Yana: What is it mama? 

Mother: What do you think, dear? 

Yana: Because of the water and food plants take from the soil? 

Mother: Remember we’re not talking about the physical plant itself but its non-physical consciousness. 

Yana: Mama, does water and soil have consciess too?  

Mother: Consciousness. Anything living, physically living, has consciousness, dear. 

Yana: Mama, do plants get their concisness from water and soil? 

Mother: Consciousness. That’s okay. Repeat after me (speaks distinctly and slowly) CONSCIOUS NESS. 


Mother: Perfect! Do plants get it from soil or water? That’s a very good question. Plants, soil and water are in constant interaction with each other. Just as the plant is always in interaction with the wind, the sun and with the cosmos at night. Yet all of these elements have distinct consciousnesses. A plant has consciousness right from the time it sprouts from seed. 

It is the seed that gets consciousness first. The seed itself gets it from the mother plant when it’s inside her fruit. When it gets dried it goes to sleep and wakes up when it gets soaked for some time. A seed is the most magnificent creation, dear. Just a wee little tiny seed contains the possibility of a huge tree or life giving plant. The consciousness of the tree exists within each seed as a potential. 

Back to the subject. We were talking about what makes consciousness ‘living’ awareness. Artificial Intelligence has awareness too but it’s no match to the living awareness of Nature. I’m not talking about the natural world that the scientist is familiar with. To science nature is merely a complex biological system of various physical elements. Science sees the natural world as a complex machine. 

The Nature I’m talking about is alive. A group consciousness made up of multiple individual consciousnesses. This is something that cannot be measured in a lab at this moment. There will soon come a time when it will become possible and scientists will be able to measure this energy. 

My question is, can you guess why am I calling it ‘living’ awareness and how is it different from ‘dead’ awareness of artificial intelligence. 

Yana: I don’t know mama. What makes it different? 

Mother: It is feelings, dear. All of Nature, from the smallest cell in human body to the largest creature, which is a tree, anything that has consciousness also has feelings. Living awareness is awareness with feelings. This is one of the things that makes Nature inherently superior to machines. The other thing is the ability of the Natural world to be autogenous. Autogenous means the ability to propagate or multiply itself. A tree produces hundreds or thousands of fruits in a season and every single one of them contains multiple seeds. No machine that’s ever been produced has either of these two qualities. 

Yana: What about cars that drive on their own, mama? I heard Anya’s big brother say that’s the most advanced technology. 

Mother: Not even close, dear. Okay let me give you an example. Let’s say I’m driving in the mountains and come across a beautiful waterfall, I might feel like slowing down and watching it. Or if there’s an accident on an adjacent road I might stop and check if someone needs medical attention. But a car with AI that drives on its own will keep on going both times because it does not understand beauty or show concern. These responses can be programmed into the AI instructions or algorithms of the car but that’s not the same as genuine feeling. 

Yana: I understand mama. I like spending the time in the garden, surrounded by Nature, by good feeling things that are sending so many good thoughts to us and protecting us. But mama then why doesn’t the rest of the world get it? The people who do not have a garden. 

Mother: Oh that’s alright, dear. When they experience it themselves and compare it with their own lives they will understand. 

Yana: What about Aunt Yulia, mama? She has seen our space of love. Why doesn’t she want to create her own? 

Mother: Aunt Yulia keeps very busy, dear. If she wanted to garden she would have to make a lot of different choices. She works at a big tech company. 

Yana: Mama, does Aunt Yulia live in a techotic world? 

Mother: A what? Oh, you mean (slowly) a TECHNOCRATIC world. Technocratic means a world ruled by technology or technical experts. That’s right, she’s a part of it too. 

Yana: (Triumphantly) Now I know why she doesn’t have a garden. (Stands up straight) It’s because she can’t think! 

Mother: Wha...Where did you get that idea? 

Yana: Papa said it one day. He was talking to you, mama. I heard you from the kitchen. I didn’t mean to pry mama. I know prying isn’t nice. But I was doing my dishes and I heard papa say it out loud. 

Mother: No, he didn’t say... 

Yana: (Interrupting) Yes, he did. He did. He did. I heard it. He was saying something about the war in Irak and vakcination. He was upset and said people in the technocratic world can’t think. I did. I did. I swear on... 

Mother: (With calm authority) Yana dear, calm down. (Pauses) Take your seat. Now close your eyes, take a deep breath, and try to remember papa’s exact words. 

Yana: (Does as told) Wait, mama, I remember now! He said “People in the technocratic world just don’t think for themselves.” 

Mother: Very good dear. Now that’s not the same as saying they can’t think, is it? 

Yana: Why, what’s the difference mama? What does it mean to not think for themselves. 

Mother: Okay I’ll explain it to you but from now on I want you to remember carefully when recounting other people’s conversation. 

Yana: Okay mama, I promise. Now please tell. 

Mother: It’s not that people like Aunt Yulia who live in the cities are unable to think. They do think everyday about what to wear to work, what to cook for dinner, what to buy for their children, what kind of job they want, where to go for vacation and so on. But these are little things. All the big things are already decided by others for them. Like how to think, how to love, how to live and what to live for. 

Yana: I don’t know, mama. I don’t understand everything you say. I like Aunt Yulia. She brought me a cake when she was here last year and she’s pretty too. Not as pretty as you, but I really like her hair. 

Mother: Everything that is tasteful is not necessarily good for your body too, dear. We haven’t yet given you the skill to identify and choose healthful food because you have already been raised on it. We never felt the need to teach you about it. Do you remember how you felt an hour after having the cake? 

Yana: I felt strangely tired and sleepy, mama. I remember because I never sleep during the day as I did then. 

Mother: Yes, it’s a low vibration feeling. You feel as if you’ve been drained of life force or… sedated. That’s your body telling you it didn’t like what you just consumed. You cannot do anything creative when you feel that way, dear. Things like writing poetry or creating music or doing something inspirational or innovative - forget about it. Even if you carry out routine physical work you’ll do it at much lower productivity level. It’s just not a good way to feel. 

On the other hand if you consume fruits, salads, soaked nuts or plant based milk, you feel light and full of spirit. Your body appreciates living food dear. And if what you eat is picked with permission from plants you grew yourself with love and care then it contains an immeasurable amount of beneficial energy. It’s divine nutrition dear. It’s the best thing you can eat. 

Yana: Mama is that why I had so much stomach trouble when we went to Moscow? Because I didn’t eat living food? 

Mother: That’s right dear. Your body is not accustomed to eating food designed for animals. All of our cereals and grains - wheat, rice, corn, even millets are grasses. Who eats grasses in the natural world? 

Yana: Cows, mama. 

Mother: That’s right. And what do monkeys eat? 

Yana: Fruit, mama. 

Mother: It’s as simple as that dear. The world was designed perfectly from the start. We are supposed to eat food designed for us. That’s fruits and nuts. Consumed in living form. We don’t get fresh nuts all through the year so we soak the nuts so that they become living again and we rarely cook plant food. Any living food that’s cooked contains only ten percent of the energy inherent in it. 

Yana: (Pause) Mama, why doesn’t Aunt Yulia know this? 

Mother: Even your father and I didn’t know about this dear. It’s only when we read Anastasia, left the city to live here and came across the universal teachings that we learnt about it. We still didn’t apply it right away. Food habits take time to change. It’s when we validated these things on the Prism of Life that we understood. We noticed the changes in our moods and our work when we started juicing. It feels so great now we no longer crave cooked food. 

Yana: Okay mama, I will tell Aunt Yulia all this too. (Pause) Mama, I like her curly hair. Will I have curly hair like her when I grow up? 

Mother: Sure you could… though I think they are beautiful just as they are dear. We each choose bodily features that are best for us. Do you remember your soul choice teachings? 

Yana: I remember, mama. Soul choice means it was I who chose who to be in this life and where to be born. (To herself) What was the third one? (Pauses) Oh yes. (Speaks louder) It was I who chose who to be, where to be born, and what to experience in this life in order to learn the lessons that are best for me in Earth school. 

Mother: You remember your gift of teachings well, dear. 

Yana: I’m happy I chose you and papa, mama. And to be born in this garden and discovering new things everyday. It’s the best birthday gift mama, the gift of teachings. Okay, second best. The first best was the gift of initation. 

Mother: It’s initiation, dear, the rite of starting a sacred life journey of conscious awareness and purity of thought. You were initiated on this journey two years ago on your fifth birthday. 

Yana: Yes mama, initiation. Why doesn’t Anya get all these wonderful gifts on her birthdays? I wanted to tell her about how good it felt at the initiation when you introduced God to me or the Creative Source, as papa likes to say. She didn’t understand. 

Mother: It’s an experience dear. Experiences cannot be told, they have to be felt. At best you can try to describe how you felt while having them but it’s not the same to the other person. 

Yana: Still I like talking about it. It makes me feel good, mama. Can we talk about how it happened. Will you join me? 

Mother: Sure dear, go ahead. It’s indeed important for you to remember this day in your life. 

Yana: First you told me the night before my birthday that I will be initiated tomorrow and that I will meet God, the Creator of all things. I was so excited, even though I didn’t know what it meant. The next day, on my birthday when it was time, you, grandma and aunt Alisa blindfolded me and took me to your room. I could smell a nice fragrance in the air and later saw that you had even put up flowers from our garden. Then you made me sit cross legged on the sacred place where I was born when papa and you put me inside you and nine months later I was born outside of you at the same place. The three of you sat around me. Could you share what you did next, mama. 

Mother: Yes, we were sitting facing you. Now it’s important to remember dear that this rite has to be performed by two or three close relatives who have deep emotion for the child within them. Like me, both grandma and Aunt Alisa have deep feelings of love for you, dear. 

When we sat with you that day, we brought up the feelings of love for you in our hearts and focussed on increasing those feelings. And then the three of us placed our hands on your heart to share what we were feeling. 

Yana: Oh mama, your touch felt so so soooo good. I felt so warm inside. It feels that way when you hug me but this was like a thousand hugs at once. Then you told me that the feeling I have inside is God. You said, the Creator is love. Your hands were only there for a little while but it felt good for a long time after. I said thank you to the dear creator inside me. And I knew that day who the Creator is and that He lives inside me. 

Mother: That is precisely what we wanted to share with you dear. But words don’t teach so we created this experience. A path through which you are to discover universal principles. You were still too young for the gift of teachings so we didn’t give you any except the one about the Creator. Instead, we gave you an exercise that helps one become aware of one’s thinking. 

Yana: Yes, mama - the exercise of watching thoughts. You told me to do this whenever I was alone and remembered the exercise. I was to think back to the thought I was having before the present thought and the thought that came even before. I was to keep going back until I couldn’t remember. Initially I could trace back only up to two thoughts before the present one but now I can trace back up to five or even six thoughts. 

Mother: Yes dear, most people have no awareness or control of the thinking process. While we are not controlling here anything, but as you watch your thoughts you become more aware and conscious of what goes on in your mind. Eventually you will see patterns and motivations and will help you to know yourself better or become more self-aware. It will also help you with your teachings later. 

Yana: It did mama. It was like I discovered something new and interesting. I didn’t feel the same way when you gave me the first teachings when I turned six. I just couldn’t understand them at first. Although you and papochka helped me whenever I asked, it still wasn’t clear. 

Mother: I think you had the most difficulty with the concept of physical handicaps some children are born with and got stuck with the question why would a soul choose such a life. A month had gone by after the gift of teachings and you were unable to progress. It’s then that your father and I decided to help you explain with an experience. 

Yana: The silent forest camp! I will never forget those three days we went to camp inside the forest in Sochi. I was scared initially when you told me to put on a blindfold for two days while you and papa would sit in silent meditation beside me. I was allowed to go outside into the forest but only to nearby areas. You taught me how to be completely trusting of Nature, how to overcome fear of darkness. It wasn’t difficult as you were always close. And you taught me to listen and see with the inner eye. Mama, I had so many joys of discoveries. When I began to really see, I mean, when I had those visions. You had told me they will come - it was very very nice mama. I now look at plants and Nature very differently because of what I saw in the forest. I didn’t know blindness could be good for me. 

Mother: And what did that experience teach you about soul choice, dear? 

Yana: Mama, I learnt the value of inner seeing after the forest camp. Papa and you explained that the people we call blind may not have physical sight but they gain a sharp inner seeing and their senses of hearing is more. You also explained why the people we see as lacking in something are no less than other people in any way. You told me that emotional handicap is a much greater problem in the world that people ignore. Later when you explained about past lives and karma, I understood why a soul would choose a life like that. I understood soul choice for the first time, mama. 

Mother: What other teachings became clear to you in that trip, dear? 

Yana: Okay, let me see. Knowledge & Knowing, Physical & Non-physical, Soul Choice, already talked about it. Umm, Wisdom of Soul and one more, Prism of Life. 

Mother: Why don’t you explain each of these dear. As you express you will revise your lessons and your memory of them will improve. 

Yana: Okay mama. One by one. First, Knowledge and Knowing. Mama, knowledge is what we get when we learn through words. But papa says words don’t teach, only life experience teaches. When words are seen from life experience they become knowing. Just like the teaching of soul choice became my knowing after the camp. Knowing is higher than knowledge because it is knowledge applied. This is why you don’t send me to school like other children because they only teach words. Papa says schools are very harmful for young minds. He says I can learn to read and write later. He says it’s common for children in some countries to start reading and writing quite late and it works out well for them. 

I understood the difference between Physical and Non-physical, mama. Physical is the outer world we can touch and non-physical is the inner world of our thoughts and feelings. Teaching says non-physical always comes first and it’s much greater and more powerful than physical. Everything that is physical depends upon the non-physical. I do not know about that fully mama so it is not my knowing. You and papa have told me it will come later. But I know the difference. 

Wisdom of Soul means our soul is connected with Source and always knows the best path for us. Wisdom of soul is purposely hidden from us so that we learn our lessons but we can always find it in our experiences. It is always with us, somewhere in our inner world, even though we may not be aware of it. 

Prism of Life means our each experience is a lesson in wisdom of soul. Our task is to discern the purpose of every experience. Mama, just as you designed the blindfold exercise to teach me the value of being without eyes, the Creator has designed the universe so that everything has meaning behind it. It requires discernment to know. Did I say it right mama? (Slowly) DISCERNMENT, isn’t it? (Mother nods) I learned what we think are bad experiences, are not really bad. They just seem bad because we don’t discern the wisdom behind them. Like being born blind, these experiences can become our teachers if we accept them like that. 

Earlier I used to cry when I fell down or hurt myself. Now when I have a bad experience I want to know what I need to learn from it. It was only after the forest camp that I started to think this way. The other day I was stung by a bee on my arm when I climbed a tree. I knew there was a beehive but it never stung me before. At first, I was very angry at the bees but later that night I tried to discern its meaning and realised that I was annoyed at the time I was climbing. Little brother had taken away my favourite flask and wouldn’t give it back even though I asked nicely many times. Next morning papa told me bees don’t like negative vibrations around them. So it wasn’t the bees fault, I think I got stung because I was all upset at little brother. I’m not angry at the bees anymore mama and don’t fear them either even though my arm hurt. I did my discernment correctly mama, isn’t it? 

Mother: Remember dear that the life experience should be discerned only by the person who has that experience. Only they must seek its meaning in their own inner world. So you don’t need my approval, okay? (Yana nods) If you have difficulty discerning something just give it time. Don’t worry about it. A meaning will emerge in your heart after a while if you are sincere. If it doesn’t, then maybe you need to question yourself more and discern more. And remember that sometimes you won’t get a clear answer because there may be multiple answers rather than a single one. But if you ask sincerely, you will be shown a response in some way or form. It may not always be a response you like but it will always be the one you need. 

(Long pause) 

Now there are only two other teachings we haven’t talked about from your first gift of teachings we gave you on your sixth birthday. Do you remember them? 

Yana: Yes mama - the teachings of Wholeness and Expansion and the teachings of Extended Family. Teaching of Wholeness and Expansion says that I was born magnificent and that I’m whole and expanding at the same time. Born magnificent means that at all times I have full approval of the creator and my parents who love me dearly. That I'm whole and cannot make a mistake, which is only another word for lessons I must discern and learn from. 

Whole also means I come fully equipped both physically and non-physically. Physically I’m perfect for my purpose here. My non-physical part, my soul, has all the answers and guidance about any question or choice I face today or in future. Expanding means I’m always growing through my experiences just as the universe and Creator are growing too. It means I’m expected to learn the lessons that the universe, with my soul choice, has placed in my life. It also means that I’m limitless and that there’s nothing that I cannot do. 

Papa summed it up for me in one line, mama. I’m perfect just the way I am and loved just the way I am; and yet, I can learn and grow more without any limits. 

Teachings of Extended Family says that Man or Earth humans have an extended family. They are the brothers and sisters as well as parents from all across the universe. We are star seeds and we were seeded on Earth by many different parent races. The main ones are from Lyra, Sirius, Pleiades, and… what was the fourth one, Mama? 

Mother: Andromeda, dear. 

Yana: Yes, mama. The main parent races are from Lyra, Sirius, Pleiades, and Andromeda. We are connected with the seeder races in every possible way - mind, body, and spirit. It says any planet that has life on it is seeded the same way. Once their cycle is complete they go and seed other planets. Earth is the most advanced creation in the entire universe because it has many parent races and so much biodiversity given to it. Only Man has been given so much and that is why Man is the greatest being in the entire universe with many abilities that are unique to him. 

That’s all mama. 

Mother: If you notice dear all the teachings are related. There is no separation in life. Just like everything else in the universe, the teachings are interlinked and complementary to each other. Prism of life is an extension of wisdom of soul which is an extension of soul choice and they all link with teaching of wholeness and all the rest. As you discover more you will learn how they connect to the teachings of extended family too. 

Yana: Mama, can you tell me now how extended family teachings are related? 

Mother: Okay. You know if you think about all the other teachings you will realise that they take away the randomness from life. We realise the universe is created perfect. If we choose our life experiences before birth in order to learn lessons then that means there is no injustice. There are no victims and no perpetrators. Everyone is a partner and co-learner in this Earth school. Or think of it like school play that you watched with your cousin. We’re all playing out different characters in the play. The only difference is we don’t remember the script. But like all plays when it’s over we meet behind the curtains and laugh with everyone else even though we might be enemies in the play. You understand what I’m saying, dear? 

Yana: Yes, mama. You’re talking about life after bodily death. During soul choice teaching papochka explained all this. He said death doesn’t really exist. Only the body dies but we are not the body. We just go someplace else. We meet all the people who left their bodies before us. All those who played a part in our lives. He said in science there’s proof for life after death but scientists don’t look at it. 

Mother: Yes, dear. Your father is a scientist but he’s also very critical of the scientific process and how science has become constrained. Mainstream scientists and the public at large stubbornly considers the physical world as the only reality. The teachings reveal that the non-physical is much much larger and greater than the physical. 

Your father says science is in deep trouble and that's because over the last few centuries a number of assumptions on which it is based have turned into a belief system. He says science, especially as it is practiced in the West, is no longer open. What that means is that these assumptions behind their laws are not allowed to be questioned. He says it’s like you wake up one day and find out that someone has put up a fence around your town and no one is allowed to go in or out and you're not allowed to ask why. Science today has become like that… like a religion or a cult in which unquestioned belief is a fundamental requirement. 

Over a hundred years ago scientists found out that the laws of matter that it considers sacred don’t work when it comes to really small things. They're called atoms, dear. In the subatomic world they discovered strange phenomenon science could not explain. Einstein was deeply troubled by it. They still cannot explain it. So what did the scientists do? They created a new science out of it. Since the two sciences do not work together they said we'll just keep them separate. They still use the science of the subatomic world but they don’t acknowledge the uncomfortable parts. 

Later, science found that when it comes to really big things, its sacred laws break down again. The laws work fine till the level of the solar system but when it comes to something like a galaxy, they do not. What did the scientists do this time? They invented new terms called dark matter and dark energy which they have no idea what they are till today. Together these unexplained phenomenon make up 96% of the visible universe. Our science is limited to only the remaining 4% of all matter. That would look a very bad figure on any score card but scientists do not acknowledge that they’re missing a large chunk of the picture.

The worst part is that the public believes in anything that appears scientific. There’s even a term for this - scientism. It’s an excessive belief in the exclusive power of scientific knowledge and techniques. It prevents people in the technocratic world from considering higher perspectives and experiences of spiritual or mystical nature. Scientism is such a debilitating problem that it can be called a disease and since it’s so widespread one could call it a pandemic. If science was better understood people would think twice before posing their trust in it.

Our schooling and education system is part of the problem too dear as it conditions children to believe in authority figures unquestioningly. It will take them a long time to accept the notion of wisdom of soul and to conceive that each child can grow up to become a free thinking independent being pursuing a greater purpose. Day after day little children and young adults are trained to sit quietly to listen to authority figures without interruption for one and a half to two decades. It is no wonder that this system produces workers and managers who serve the interests of corporations without questioning themselves whether their own values are aligned with those of the company or not. 

You know dear when you overheard your father last year saying that the people in the technocratic world don’t think for themselves this is what he meant. That most people would rather believe in authority figures such as scientific or technical experts instead of their own lived experience. They would rather believe what they are told on television than what they see around themselves. At that time your father and I were having a conversation about people queuing up for the shots. We were really hoping that the drive would fail, that people would be able to see that it was a propaganda. So both of us were upset when everyone believed the official version. 

Yana: Are you still upset, mama? Papa said it’s very important to feel good in the present. 

Mother: Oh not at all, dear. Since last year we’ve come a long way in our personal journey. The inner journey that started several years ago when we moved here and planted all these trees you see here. We learnt how to meditate, learnt how to reflect on our experiences and identify what kind of thinking patterns are behind each experience. This garden has been helping us carry our own own healing. As we improved ourselves, our consciousness has been expanding and our relationships began to change. Our perspective about this issue changed as well. Even in as little as one year, we have had quite a bit of growth. 

We now realise that all of the dysfunction in the world is about to change too very soon. We believe that the public, the scientific world and our educational system will be forced to acknowledge the greater reality presented through channelled teachings. All of the old beliefs will change, dear. I haven’t even talked about the politics of control, about history, about religion. Each of these will either be forced to change or will be transformed. 

Already over the past two years there has been some of that awakening happening through unfolding world events and personal experiences that are triggering change. Sometimes it’s a gentle nudge and sometimes it’s an upheaval in one’s life. It all depends upon how deeply one is mired in old energy that is no longer acceptable in this new earth energy. There will be many more such triggers in future for those who need to undergo unexpected experiences in order to expand their consciousness. Both on personal level as well as for institutions, governments, corporations - everyone will face this. Humanity collectively is about to find out that reality is much greater and extends way beyond than the boundaries of the little town that they have called their world. 

Yana: What do you mean, mama. How will they find out? 

Mother: There are discoveries coming dear and revelations too. I will share what I know. For now, can you share the teaching about sovereignty and about attraction from your second gifts that you received last month? 

Yana: Okay, mama. Sovereignty is the power given to each child when he or she is born. Sovereignty means ruler or king. The teaching of sovereignty says, from the moment of his birth each child is born a sovereign with supreme abilities and full power over his world. Papochka said this is the way the creator designed it. He also said that the teaching of sovereignty is the highest or greatest teaching available to Man. 

The teaching of attraction says that we are always attracting experiences with our attention and feelings. Good-feeling thoughts like love, care, and being thankful attract positive experiences and negative thoughts like anger, fear and hate attract experiences we do not like. Papa said to think of it like making a soup. Thoughts and feelings are the things we put in it. If we put nice and tasty things, our soup will turn out to be delicious. If we put bitter and rotten things in it, our soup will taste bad. 

Life experience is like that. We’re always making the soup with our thoughts and feelings. It’s very important to remember that we put good things into it - good feeling thoughts. Papa says conscious awareness of our mental chatter comes with practice. That this is why we mediate. And this is why I was given the skill of watching my thoughts. He said the better we feel higher is the vibration we send out in the universe. Papa says high vibration attracts positive experience like a magnet. 

Mother: Thank you dear. If we understand the teachings we can overcome the victimhood complex - our tendency to blame others for our experiences. It is one of the greatest traps. You’ve already discovered that you can overcome this when you reflected on the experience of the bee sting. Instead of blaming the bees or getting angry at them you realised that you yourself were responsible for attracting your experience when you sent out feelings of annoyance and anger at your brother. Afterwards you didn’t feel angry at the bees.

The knowing of this teaching is a wonderful discovery. Once we understand the universal laws, truly absorb them into our inner being, like you are starting to do, what emerges is a beautiful new image of how the universe functions. This perfection is not to be found on the surface where there might be chaos and disorder but deep down. Underneath this seeming ugliness is design because this chaos is taking us somewhere. It’s taking us to a most beautiful place. 

Yana: Where is it taking us, mama?

Mother: Our planetary cycle has completed dear. As I said many many people, millions, in fact, have discovered the teachings through books and media and applied them in their lives. Hundreds of thousands have truly awakened and raised their consciousness. One could say that there is a lot of light on our planet right now. Whenever this happens in the lifecycle of a planet, this period is called Ascension. At such times, dramatic changes take place so that others who are not yet awake are given the chance to raise their consciousness too.

With all of this light, the darkness that was on the planet can no longer hide. It is coming to the surface and revealing itself. Some people get fearful when they see the darkness exposed but it's nothing to be feared because it was always there. It is visible only because we just turned on the light. Many more things will be discovered and revealed dear both beautiful as well as ugly. 

At the same time when a section of humanity has ascended, there's another section that has fallen to the lowest low. Your father's worse fears about the future of technocratic path have been realised. Jiingo, the search engine he left almost twenty years ago is at the forefront of this change. Not knowing the divine perfection of Man, not knowing the way the universe functions they believe that man is an imperfect being. They have gathered a lot of information about humanity and they think their AI technology has become like God. They have decided to "help” humanity by creating an advanced form of human. 

Jiingo and other tech companies - that are participating in this endeavour along with those who have scientific, political and financial means - have placed their bet on creating an "alpha race" of humans. A new race that will be a hybrid between biological human and AI. They want to do this for all of humanity together. So they have put in place a system through which they can edit the DNA of every person on the planet.  

The technocratic world, the sleeping humans are not victims. They are partners too in this as nothing is being done without their consent. You could say their consent was stolen from them under a false pretence and that would be true too. Yet it's a consent nonetheless. Like the founders of Jiingo the people are asleep, unaware of who they are and who they can be. Now whether this plan gets realised is up to them. Will they wake up and take back the power they have given away or will they continue to sleep? 

Yana: Mama, what does it mean to wake up? 

Mother: Waking up or awakening means healing and self-awareness, dear. It's the opposite of sleeping that is, falling into the traps of control, blame and victimisation. At the very least it is an honest acknowledgement about the need to change. It takes humility and courage to accept responsibility, dear. It's much easier to blame others.  

Is one a victim of those who conceived and spread fear and falsehood? Or is one a victim of one's own ignorance that fell for the fear and falsehood? What if the answer is neither. What if this entire scenario is so designed that we discover hidden truths about ourselves and our world? What if "us versus them" is really a trap? What if we each are willing characters in the play, having agreed to play our parts before birth? 

Using the the teachings we can accelerate the awakening process. Maybe the universe is indeed perfect and every experience including this one is meant for our growth. Maybe it's here to wake us up. Maybe all of humanity needs to learn about sovereignty and inner authority so that we never again give our power away to another person or institution. Maybe we need to collectively overcome victimhood mentality and realise that the other side is not an enemy but a partner in growth. Maybe it's time to throw away our old beliefs that life is random and we need to control physical reality. And maybe it's time to accept a greater reality and adopt a new set of beliefs. Ones that lead to discovery and empowerment.  

It's not important for everyone to agree to this. But if only a small group of people are able to make these realisations; if they understand the teachings and try to live in accordance with them then there would be collective healing for all of us. A single awakened human who is inspired by love is more powerful than all the rest acting out of fear and the need for control.

Yana: Mama, if I live as the teachings say, will it help others too? 

Mother: Every single act of love, compassion and understanding helps the entire world, dear. Now tell me dear, do you understand the teachings from last month that you recited a few moments ago? We didn’t allow you to ask questions so far so that you would try to understand them on your own. But now you’re free to ask. 

Yana: Mama, I think they are all similar yet different. I understood that sovereignty is the highest law because as kings we can create anything we want using teachings of attraction, the wisdom of soul, other teachings and with the prism of life. (Mother nods) Mama, what I don’t understand is, if this is a powerful law how come people don’t learn it themselves?

Mother: Of course, dear. Good question. First, could you please stand up and repeat loudly this most glorious teaching about Man. 

Yana: Yes, mama. (Stands up and speaks loudly) From the moment of his birth each child is born a sovereign with supreme abilities and full power over his world.

Mother: Why haven’t people discovered this on their own. A very good question, indeed. (Pauses) Tell me dear… if you give another person something useful and they don’t know how it works. Wait, let’s say you give a toy to a child who doesn’t know what it is and how it works, what do you think is likely to happen? 

Yana: Something like a toy car, mama? Anya’s younger brother had one until he broke it. 

Mother: Okay, let’s say it’s a toy car with remote. Let’s say this child has never seen anything like it, not even a real car. And let’s say she has never seen any electronic device either. You give her a brand new toy car packaged in a sealed cardboard box. It comes without a manual. What’s likely to happen? 

Yana: I suppose it will just lie there, mama. 

Mother: That’s one possibility, dear. What else? 

Yana: (Pauses) I suppose she might get curious, open the package and wonder what it is, mama. 

Mother: That’s a start. And what else, dear. Use your imagination.

Yana: She might play with the car, mama. Run it back and forth, back and forth while holding it. 

Mother: Yes, or she might keep it as a decorative piece on a shelf. Might take it apart to see what it’s made of. What else?

Yana: She might fiddle with the remote. Oh mama, she might run the car accidentally and realise she can control it with the remote. It would be exciting for her to discover it! 

Mother: Are you sure, dear? Think about the wall clock we got for your room, did it start working right off?

Yana: No mama. I got it! The batteries! They are packed separately. The remote won’t work without the batteries! 

Mother:  That's right. What are the chances that she would figure out that the batteries go inside the remote, placed in a specific way? 

Yana: I don’t know, mama. I don’t think she would. 

Mother: Let’s see. For that to happen she has to be convinced that the batteries are meant to go inside the remote and inside the car. She must know that there are slots designed to place the batteries. She must know how to remove the slot covers. Must know the placement direction of positive and negative terminals or must know how to read the directions printed inside the slot. None of this is impossible but we can say that there’s very low probability that a child would discover it on its own. Isn’t it dear?

Yana: That’s right, mama.

Mother: Now do you have your answer why haven’t people discovered about sovereignty and attraction on their own?

Yana: But aren’t these powerful laws mama?

Mother: They are dear. Humans are always creating their reality whether they know it or not. But in order to do it deliberately and knowingly, you need to understand how to apply these laws correctly with full conscious awareness! You need to know about the batteries, dear. Where to place them and how to operate the remote. You need to know about these things. 

Then there’s one more thing. What if we are fed with lies from the moment we come into this world? In our story what if someone steals the batteries? Let’s say there’s a boy who has the same toy car but his batteries are lost so he takes the girl’s batteries and tells her a lie that the toy car is supposed to be pulled with a string. What do you think will happen then?

Yana: (Disappointed) That’s all she will ever do with that car, mama. Pull it with a string. 

Mother: Exactly. It might still be a bit of fun for her but the poor girl won’t know she could just use the remote and the car would run on her command. Only if she had the batteries and knew what to do. 

Yana: Is that true, mama? Are there people who did not want Man to discover the power of sovereignty? 

Mother: I’ll tell you another story and then you can decide. Let’s say the girl is a true sovereign in thought and action and knows right from the start how to use the remote perfectly. The car goes all over the place as she wishes and she’s very pleased with herself and with the car. But all of her friends have the same car and she gets bored with it after a while. So she comes up with a test for herself. It’s a difficult test but she like to challenge herself and see what would happen if she loses her memory the next day. Would she remember how to make the car work or would she struggle perpetually? 

When she goes to sleep that night she asks the creator to make her forget about how the car works the next morning. She wakes up and voila, she doesn’t remember a thing. This happens for one day and then another and then another. For weeks, then months she does all of those things we discussed, places the car on a shelf, run it back and forth with her hand, tries to figure out what the batteries are for and more. 

One day she wakes up from an early morning dream of the old days when she had the memory. In this dream she sees herself as someone who lived in complete harmony with mother Earth. She had amazing abilities, it’s almost like magic. She could levitate and lift rocks with her mind. She could leave her body when she wanted, flying all over the Earth or in the entire universe. All she has to do is to think in a specific way. She dreams of strange people visiting from other planets and distant galaxies to see the glorious Earth and the glory of Man through her eyes. 

Wide awake now, she goes out in the garden to watch the rising sun and suddenly she gets a flash of inspiration. The car is supposed to be remotely controlled! After fiddling with the batteries for a while she figures it all out. Vroom goes the car. What joy. It was so simple. And all this while she was pulling the car with a string… she had no idea! Later that night as she goes to sleep she wonders if the dream could be true. Could that world be real or was it just a dream? What if it really happened. She goes to sleep and dreams anew. 

Yana: I like it, mama. (Claps) She remembered! 

Mother: That’s right dear. The memory was removed only from her conscious self but her soul always knew. Sooner or later it was bound to happen. She passed the test and learned a lot more about herself in the process.

Yana: Mama, which one is the true story, of these two? Was her ability stolen or she gave it away on purpose? 

Mother: They are both equally true, dear. She gave it away for the purpose of learning but then someone came uninvited and stole it. The question is, which story do you like and where would you choose to put your attention?

Yana: Mama I don’t like the first story because stealing isn’t a nice thing. I don’t feel good about that story. The teachings on attraction say that my attention is made of gold. Papa says it’s the most precious thing I own. I have to be careful where I put it. I don’t want to give attention to the negative story, mama. 

The second story makes me feel good, mama. I like how she creates a difficult test for herself and then passes it even though it took a long time. I will put my attention to the second story, mama.

Mother: (Tears well up in her eyes. Gets down on her knees facing Yana) You chose well. (Hugs her tightly and speaks almost in a whisper) You chose well, dear. You have understood the teachings. (Her chin quivers with emotion as tears roll down her cheeks.)