May 05, 2020

Pandemic of Benevolence [2]: The End of the Barbaric Age

As we learn new information about wrongdoing related to the pandemic, we must introspect in order to identify and eradicate similar instincts within us. Then we would truly move past the age of barbarianism.

In part one, Grand Design: Pandemic of Benevolence (March 31st) I suggested that a new age is upon us that would lead to unprecedented goodness in all aspects of our future lives. In the write-up I offered a conceptual framework based on our evolving consciousness that would take us to what I called 'the age of benevolence.' Since then, celebrities, artists, sections of media, and even corporations have pointed out benevolent aspects of the pandemic; demonstrated a new respect and yearning for the natural world; and have contributed to the vision of a future that is unlike the past.

If a benevolent age lies in our future, in the second installment, I reveal new information that illuminates our dark past - the age that is ending. A fitting title would be 'the age of oppression' or 'the barbaric age.' These seemingly shocking aspects of this pandemic can easily lead us into the trap of blaming the 'others' involved. Yet, if we are able to look within, in order to find these instincts in our own thought patterns and purge them, we would move past the darkness.

These revelations might appear incredulous but my purpose is not to shock and certainly not to blame. Even though you might find them hard to believe, just reading them now would serve three purposes.

One is to prepare you so that when this information becomes common knowledge, you have a soft landing and are saved from being horrified. Two, as I said, I'd like to urge you to look for similar patterns of thought within yourself as I argued in the previous post, our outside world is only a reflection of our inner world. Third purpose of revealing this information is that if it's indeed proven true, you would have greater faith in other things revealed by the same source.

Note: the source of this information is described at the end.

# 1. The Virus Origin and its Spread is Questionable

It is commonly understood today that the virus originated in a wet market in Wuhan in China and spread to other countries on its own. There is increasing support for the idea that it leaked accidentally from a Wuhan lab but this idea is not widely accepted. In time, we will learn from whistle blower accounts or other definitive evidence that although it's not bio-engineered, the virus did leak from the Wuhan lab. We will also find out something that virtually no one is talking about right now. That both, Chinese and United States government had a role in spreading the disease. Eventually, this will transform the politics in both nations. China will radically change over the next twelve years.

Questions for self reflection

Have I ever wished for someone else to come to harm for my own gain or satisfaction? How prevalent is this tendency in other people who I know closely? What about elsewhere in the society in which we live and participate every day, such as business, politics, sports? Is it presented in films and other media as the norm? If it's everywhere, why am I shocked to see it magnified on such scale? Most importantly: Can I do something to mitigate this instinct within myself?

# 2. Coronavirus Disease is Treatable Without a Vaccine

There's a lot of uncertainly in the scientific community about the disease due to lack of research at this stage. New information [released mid April] from the source suggests that in time the following will be commonly understood about the deaths being attributed to the virus:
  • The virus does not kill the patient, it's the immune system which overreacts to the virus in some people that causes the death.
  • The virus may take the infected person to a point where recovery and death are both possibilities but then something else happens.
  • ICU deaths are following a trend that is surprising doctors as this virus behaves in a manner unlike other viruses and is leading to a very quick death.
  • Most people have strong immune systems but some do not. In the latter individuals, the immune system, which has never seen something like this virus, responds to it in a way that may be termed as an over reaction which leads to their death.
  • This response of the immune system is manageable and every single death is avoidable without the need for developing a vaccine.
  • Doctors and nursing staff are doing a commendable job. Some of them have noticed this trend but they are not certain. In time, when this information is better understood, coronavirus will be like any other flu when it returns, which it will.
  • We could save a lot of lives if only the medical community today would understand that instead of focussing on the virus, the key is to focus on the immune system and prevent it from over reacting.
  • It's likely that some in the pharmaceutical industry that are working on the vaccine already understand this behaviour and have deliberately withheld this knowledge from the health care industry.
I have passed on this information to the immunopathology department of a premier medical institute in North India (PGIMER). If you know someone in the research community / senior doctors / ICU specialists working on COVID-19, please pass on this information for their consideration.

Note, the last bullet is my own judgement (pattern matching) based on past statements by the source but not supported by the specific account in April on which this information is based.

Questions for self reflection

Have I ever withheld information from others that may harm my own interests? Do I feel justified in withholding such information? What can I do to adopt greater honesty when I face such a situation in a relationship or interaction with others?

# 3. A Mass Pruning of the Economy is Underway

When you go to attend a long meditation retreat you are told that the very first requirement is isolation. The whole world just underwent meditation training with the lockdown. It's only when you stop everything that is when what's important and what's not begins to get clear. The intuition begins to flow and you realise things you had forgotten. The isolation allows you to take a hard look at the way things stand and gives you the opportunity to clean it up and start afresh.

The planet and all the systems including capitalism is in reboot mode. What's next is a recalibration along the following lines:
  • The economy will not collapse. This is not the end of capitalism.
  • The stock market is set to rebound, not set to fail. It's not dead.
  • A reboot of commerce will correct the systemic problems of the economy.
  • Many businesses will fail and will not reopen. Ones that shouldn't have been there in the first place.
  • The reboot is a pruning of the things that should not be there.
  • Systems that weren't working. Processes that were almost broken, when they come back from zero will permanently change.
  • This will recalibrate systems, businesses, economies.
  • Entire industries may disappear as they are recognised as no longer necessary.
  • New industries and new inventions will appear that are considered impossible today.
  • All those who said the kind of change that was needed for sustainable development was impossible with the economies were right.
  • But with this pandemic world economy is at zero right now and it will rebound differently.
  • There's immense hope right now for this planet because of the coronavirus pandemic.
Questions for self reflection

Have I learnt from the recent isolation how little I really need to live? Do I understand the difference between needs and wants? Can I do an exercise to examine which parts of my lifestyle are truly essential and which are extraneous? Can I give up the parts that are not really needed and look afresh at introducing new aspects?

Remember the pandemic's higher purpose

With the above revelations one can end up feeling shocked but if you include in your perspective the benevolent outcome it is leading to, your feeling would shift to that of hope. As I said in part one - the pandemic is a symptom of a malignant tumour inflicting humanity and we are collectively being prepared for surgery. For some people, this can be a cause for celebration.

Closing the door on the age of barbarianism

If we wish to accelerate this change, we need to go deeper into our own individual consciousness to eradicate the patterns of thought that are similar to the aspects of outer change that is upon us that we dislike. Everything that we see in the outer world is only a mirror of our inner world.

Let us vow never to wish harm to another being, never to hide information deliberately from someone just because revealing it does not serve our interest and let's give up the parts of our lives that do not add meaning.

Source of this information

The above information is based on channelled material. Channelling is a method of accessing information which is akin to psychic awareness. According to Helané Wahbeh, ND, MCR, director of research at Institute of Noetic Sciences based at Petaluma, California, channelling is a legitimate and common method to access inspiration and information from beyond space time. Her research can be accessed here.

Specific information on Coronavirus origin, treatment and impact was channelled by an individual named Lee Carroll in the months of March and April through an entity called Kryon. Lee has been channelling Kryon since 1989 and has published over fifteen books from the channelled material. He has been invited to the United Nations seven times in the past by the United Nations Staff Recreation Council. More information about Lee can be found on his website.  So far, Kryon has provided Coronavirus information in three different channellings that are available as audio files on his website. See transcript of the most recent channelling regarding treatment. Please use your best judgment to make use of this information.