August 03, 2006

Is it Apple's much awaited iPhone? Asks Engadget.

I doubt very much that's a GSM phone. To me that's obviously a VOIP handset, much like the Skype handsets that have been popping up everywhere.

Two things going for that assumption. First, the form factor - it's very unlike any cellphone in the market and very much like Skype handsets. See, for example this phone.

Second, the name - Apple doesn't have to name a GSM phone on a chat application of OSX. If it were a GSM phone, it'd be a whole different product category from a different division within the company.

Anyway, we'll know very soon whether it's a real product at all or just a clever Photoshop. Apple's WWDC2006 conference begins in 4 days. Scoble, who seems to be in the know, says there will be a "dizzying amount of new products" from Apple. Wow. I can hardly wait.

PS: lots of new entries are in the pipeline. I'll post as soon as I have more time.