July 31, 2009

TV Appearence - Climate Change: India Dithers

Earlier this month, I was fortunate to be invited to be part of a TV programme on climate change. The programme ran on 8th July during prime time on NewsX, a 24hr News channel by the INX group that owns 9X entertainment channel (this less well-known news channel is actually pretty decent).

Other panelists included: the ever astute Manish Tiwari, spokesperson of the ruling Congress party; Suresh Kumar, Prof. National Disaster Management Forum and Hannan Mollah, MP from opposition CPM party.

Manish and I had a bit of a sparring close to the end of the show, which is natural as he represented the leadership that us minions are trying so hard to influence on this issue. I can't possibly be as spontaneous and fluent as him but the feedback I received after the show was quite positive and indicated I did come out on top.

I long for the day when I get to interview a policy maker eye to eye and put him through a grilling session -- you can use rhetorics and other evasive tactics but you cannot escape an argument with sound logic and infallible reasoning.

Since YouTube has a 10-min limit, an edited version of the show (basically the part featuring me) is included below.

You can watch the complete 30-min show here on Revver.com.

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