January 09, 2020

Kryon Says Free Energy is Here. Heralds the End of Fossil Fuels.

Kryon is a non-physical entity channelled by Lee Carroll, a former audio engineer. Lee has been channelling Kryon since 1989. The following predictions / themes are transcribed from a Kryon channelling given on December 8, 2019 at Newport, California.

Headlines are mine and so are comments in [brackets].

Light is Winning

I've been telling you the quotient, the balance, the ratio between light and dark has started to move. It started to move greatly. It's responsible for so many things you see now that you didn't see before ever on this planet. When integrity starts to matter and there's actually those who are starting to make differences in the society. Like yours, a modern one, where injustices are starting to be seen and dealt with. Injustices that have happened for hundreds of years are now at the forefront. Are not acceptable. The cheating, the misbehavior. All of these kinds of things are starting to show themselves. This is cosmic law. This is what happens when light starts to win over darkness.

[Light winning over darkness is a perennial Kryon theme that appears almost in every other channeling. It refers to, in metaphysical terms, the exact physical ratio of benevolent energy or light represented by love, laughter, kindness, inspiration, and other positive emotions and malevolent energy or darkness represented by fear, anger, hatred etc, existing on the planet. I believe it is the same aspect that Anastasia in Ringing Cedars books describe as "forces of darkness" and "forces of light." Note that some might not like the term I used, malevolent energy, to describe what Kryon refers to as darkness. They say that there is no evil and that all energies are neutral and come from the same source.]

Simultaneous Inventions

You create what you what you think about. You create the level of darkness or light that you project. You are high creators, dear ones. And I'll give you a concept perhaps you never thought of. It's all part of the fog of duality. Have you noticed or have you analyzed or even thought about the fact that inventions on this planet almost always happen all at once at a certain time? So whereas one man or woman may have invented something that would change the earth whether it was electricity or radio or whatever. You come to find out it's been happening all over the earth at the same time wherein perhaps one person only beat the other by a week. Isn't it interesting that these things happen all at once. When it's time.

My partner's father, Mr. Carroll, was born before the Wright brothers flew. How does that feel to you? How long have you had flight? Does it appear to you that that might have been on time, on schedule, given to the planet all at once? Were you aware that the Wright brothers only beat the French by two weeks on powered flight? It was happening all at once. The fog of duality lives and gives you things you need or the things you think about or the things you've created. [...]

Let's talk about flight again. Don't you find that interesting, come with me just for a moment, and think about this. How many eons have humans been watching Birds? The Chinese for over a thousand years had rockets, the balloons. All of these things you would think would naturally have led you to understanding flight to gliding. At least the ability to jump off mountains as you do today without power and be able to land exactly where you wish to. Nobody was doing it. Nobody was thinking of it. For an intelligent species who has been wanting flight for thousands of years, watching Birds for thousands of years and you only just got it. This is what we're talking about. As the fog of duality lifts, it does so with those who are placed here right here on this planet at the right time at the right place. Just like Tesla.

[See also, Wikipedia: Multiple discovery | List of multiple discoveries]

U.S Democracy Must Fail In Order to be Reformed

"Kryon, I don't want you to talk about inventions I want you to talk about what's gonna happen because of duality." Okay, I'll start there. Your government's in trouble and I'm not talking about the leader. I'm talking about the system. What the leader has done is to insert a big stick in it and turn it and the hornet's nest that was always lurking there is afoot and so your beloved democracy and Congress is spending all of its time fighting each other instead of passing laws for you. Nothing is being accomplished.
then they do it where they all realize this has got to change if America is going to have the laws that it needs and moves in the direction that it needs. For all the things that government is supposed to do right or wrong, even at the very basic things, it is supposed to provide, it's broken. So I want you to look for it to get worse before it gets better.

[Kryon has in the past explained Trump, most recently in November 2019, in a channelling at  Buenos Aires, Argentina. In the same channelling you can also listen to him speak about aspirations of  Kim Jong-un, another global leader he sometimes speaks about.]

Unethical Pharmaceutical Companies to be Exposed

Next year there are gonna be some more things like what have just happened with Monsanto (referring to lawsuits revealing they knew that Roundup was carcinogenic). I want you to look at that very closely because I predicted that one. There will come a time when you could not get away anymore with a big corporation knowing that their products are killing people and nothing happens. And now it has. That's just the beginning.

Inappropriate pharmaceutical companies who do not honor human life and keep people sick for money will be exposed. That's inappropriate Pharma. You see, there are some things happening that you should know about, there's starting to be light in pharma. You saw it today. You saw medicine start to go a direction that you didn't expect. Perhaps you saw it in the stage today. That's medicine, that's science, it's beautiful. It's helping the planet. Look for this as well.

[Kryon has spoken about this several times in the past. Seems imminent now.]

Magnetic Engine (Free Energy)

This is the one that's close to my heart and I've been telling you it's here it's coming and it has to do oddly with magnetic. The magnetic engine is here. The push and pull of magnets in a special configuration or array pushing and pulling upon themselves can move things in a circle and the only thing that they consume at all is your interest. The parts may wear out of the wheels that they spin but the power that propels them will last thousands of years.

If you've ever played with a magnet or a pair of them you know what I'm talking about there. Forever! How long has this planet been playing with magnets and how long has it taken you to understand that that's where the power is going to be produced? What came over you that you had magnets all along and you went right for the internal combustion engine and the answer is that's the fog of duality that had not lifted yet to give you something that was going to help the planet. Help the planet. No more consumption of fuel for power. Ever.
End of Energy Storage

I'll say it, prepare for this. The end of batteries. There will be no batteries. Just like there was no film (referring to end of photographic film with the emergence of digital). I said it and there'll come a day when you say he was right. Think for a moment. Of all of the electronic devices you have and inside there's a miniaturized motor, not even as large as a battery, that always is trickle charging and always working and always spinning to create the power needed for your device. That's the magnetic engine dear ones. It's here. Already it's being developed now. It just has to be refined. It's already here.

[Kryon has spoken about such a device for a long time but it's the first time, to my knowledge, where he has described it as a magnetic engine / motor, and given hints to the time-frame for launch - next few years based on the present description. I always presumed it to be decades in the future.]

Electric Vehicles (Magnetic Engine + Super Capacitors)

This is in the field that's coming. No more charging any devices, no more batteries. "Oh that's just little things. What about your cars?" No more batteries. You have the same kind of thing, electricity produced all the time. It never stops. It doesn't even stop when your car goes off. It's always there. “What about the storage devices that you might need like batteries that recharge so you can drive a car? Certainly you can't drive a car on a trickle charge?” And that is where you don't know what you don't know. In come the super caps. You haven't seen them yet but they're coming. Storage without batteries.

Helping Mother Earth

All of these things are now starting to appear. Do you understand how this will help the planet? Oil’s gonna be really cheap because you won't need it. Not for fuel. That's just the beginning. The end of batteries is coming sooner than you think, for the reasons I've given you. And it expands exponentially.

Air Travel with Magnetic Engine

On travel now. “Kryon I can understand that. That's great, until you get the airplanes. You're not gonna be, you're not gonna have electric airplanes.” Yes you are. You don't know what you don't know. Can you imagine a time when you stop pulling things out of the planet? You just stop it there. No longer needed.

Electrical Desalination of Water

I've only scratched the surface, because water is next and here it comes. Real time desalinization of water is here. It's here on three fronts. Three inventions without heat involved. Only electricity and that's going to be easy to produce with the electricity for the magnetic engine. You see where we going? Do you think that's gonna change how things work?

Centralised Electricity Distribution to be Obsolete

The end of the grid. Have you noticed that the grid is failing. It's not working. It's not going to work for those when it's too cold. It's not going to work when you have fires. You're gonna produce your electricity locally either in your house or your neighborhood and you will not have wires from a central source. That's coming. That's already been tried. It's here. That's how close you are to these things. That's what's coming in these next years.

Exploitation of Children to be Exposed

But in the year of duality (2020), put on your flak jacket, and get ready for a lot of dirt to be exposed in areas where you didn't think there was any and get ready for children to be involved. I'll not say anymore.

You’ll remember 2020 dear ones. I give you these things in love because light is winning. You wouldn't have the fog like this lifted to give you these inventions unless you needed them. An accelerated planet with higher consciousness. Where you don't need to be burdened down by the things that have always given you a problem. Where you have power that is now easily made. You have water which you can you can desalinate easily and that leads you to bigger things dear ones making your societies so they eliminate disease finally. Where you won't be able to have banana republics anymore, or dictators anymore.

You Must Expose Dirt to Clean it Up

Connection with the planet! That's gonna start coming back. That's a future. But you're gonna go through some things that are ugly before you get there. Ugly because you didn't expect them. But all of them are healing you, your society your planet.

It's too bad you have to expose the dirt to clean it up. But you will clean it up. Gone are the days will you expose the dirt and simply cover it up for more dirt. That's gone. You will not let it exist.

The New Human

That's the old soul lineage. It's why you're here, it's why you're listening to this channel. That's why we love you the way we do. You signed up to be here right now, young person. Senior. You signed up for it. So you would carry a higher consciousness than anyone ever has on this planet so far.

In a new energy that we have been talking about for 30 years. It's here. And you are working the puzzle like you never have before. I want you to remember this. Step out of that reality which is dark. Or filled with fear or disappointment. Start understanding you're here for a reason you're not a victim of the planet, you're born magnificent.

Get on with what you came for. Self-worth is the issue and it's time to take it because all that you've been told so far is incorrect. You are here with a reason, a purpose. You're the ones who will make a difference on the planet now and later, in this life and the next one, and the next one. You'll return knowing more than you know now with greater wisdom and light. It's just the beginning of a new human.

That's enough for now.

And so it is.

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January 02, 2020

The Peace is Already Here

On this day, 2nd of January 2020, I proclaim world peace for all humanity. The end of wars is here. We no longer need to fear large wars, or annihilation through nuclear weapons and global warming.

Nor do we need to be afraid of powers that seem to be too powerful, or too corrupt. What about economies going into a tailspin to collapse everything around us? Not going to happen. All of this is on the wane.

The question isn't "how do you know?" It is in the field. It's not just my truth or my own proclamation to make. Anyone tuned in to The Field knows this to be true. There are now millions of people consciously aware that human consciousness is rising and that it's the answer to everything.

The question is, will your allow it to become your truth?

To offer help is a brand new documentary, ten years in the making, that showcases a teacher whose teachings are close to my heart: Kryon (channelled by Lee Carroll). Also featured is journalist and pop-star of science & spirituality world - Lynne McTaggart, as well as biologist Bruce Lipton. All three were mentioned in my previous blog post.

The 1 Field is slated be released mid 2020. Synopsis | More clips