September 25, 2003

New Voice

I know, I know. I haven’t been writing very frequently. I really do intend to write more often but whenever I sit down I realise that in order to do justice to the entry, I must explain the underlying assumption/s and doing that means explaining a long winded theory or a concept. So I just leave it there for later. At this moment, I have half a dozen titles of unwritten posts in my list.

And this is not counting the post I wanted to write yesterday on Joel’s new office. Rather his parade of his new office - with walls painted in such garish colors that anyone with little aesthetic sensibilities would never want to be surrounded by them. Or maybe not the parade but once again the implied statement that Joel Spolsky is the best software engineer in the world founder of the best software company in the world employing the best software programmers in the world working in the best office complex in the world producing the...well, you know.

Joel Spolsky is, what Freud would call, a Narcissistic Leader

This isn't the first time he has done it, he has been demonstrating his superiority in the past with articles that sound like "I don’t need no venture capital" and "let me tell you how to manage an online community." It's one thing to speak about oneself and one's work with modesty and quite another to claim that you know it all, you've seen it all, you've done it all. Maybe it's a pet peeve but I find it difficult to respect people beating their chests in public.

Yet I still like Joel. I’ve read his little book and I agree with a lot of what he says. What I really wanted to highlight yesterday is that Joel Spolsky is what Freud would call a Narcissistic Leader, which is actually a good thing [I’m one myself] if you’re aware of the pitfalls – grandiosity is one. There’s an excellent article on this in HBR and this is the long winded explanation that I want to avoid. I will talk about it another time, it is one of my favourite things to talk about.

But what I really wanted to say in this post is that I’ve made some changes here in this blog. I’ve tried highlighting quotations to make the posts more readable for a casual surfer. And I’m going to be more spontaneous, closer to my heart, less cautious of making mistakes and sounding ‘unsmart’ from now on. The last few posts have perhaps been a little too reflective. While that too is a reflection of who I am I don’t want just one side of me seen here. (As you can probably see... I take things here a little too seriously :)

There’s perhaps too much of ‘I’ in this post on a site which is supposed to be a team blog. But where is everybody? Of the nine other people only Navneet has jumped in. We all agree that it’s a good idea, so go log on!

The changes I’m making here are also in line with those I’m making on my website. I’ve had it up for many months now without allowing search bots to index it [using robots.txt file] as I was never completely satisfied with it. And then there was this paralysis period of indecision about how to position it, the appropriateness of the name and the approach towards the language and tone of the content. I’ve almost figured it out now and I’m changing everything.

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