October 05, 2003

UCD Workshops

Exciting days ahead for User Experience professionals in India. IESUP – a EU funded initiative to promote usability in India - is organising three highly focussed User Centred Design workshops at Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore from 9-15 Oct.

IESUP stands for Indo European Systems Usability Partnership. The two year project will organise seminars, workshops and research initiatives to promote Systems Usability in India.

In full-day workshops, Europe’s leading HCI experts will help Indian audiences get a clearer understanding of User Centred Design. Since these will be participative workshops, you can expect some interesting discussions too. The three workshops are:

1. Human-Centred Computing
2. User Centred Design and
3. HCI in the Curriculum

You can register for the workshops here. If you have any questions about the Delhi event, give me a call. And don't forget to tell all your friends!

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