December 05, 2003

Yahoo! Adds Category Link to Top 10 List

Two days after I wrote a strong review of Yahoo’s Top 10 Lists, criticising that they are close-ended as they do not explicitly provide a link to the category homepage, Yahoo! quietly responds by adding the link to the bottom of the list – the exact place I had suggested in my proposed redesign.

Admittedly, the small change is only one of the number of changes I had recommended. But it solves the main problem I had talked about - users that aren’t interested in the top 10 and want to browse other similar products from the same category might leave because they aren’t offered explicit links to that category.

Of course, I have no certain proof that it was my post below that triggered the change. But here’s something to think about: for about two weeks since I’ve been visiting the top 10 lists, the link wasn’t there until I wrote that post, wrote to Yahoo! about it and received a spate of visits from them yesterday. Today, the link appeared.

It is commendable that even a leading company of Yahoo’s stature listened and took the criticism in positive light. Clearly goes on to show that Yahoo! understands the value of a positive user experience. Well done, Yahoo!

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