December 06, 2004

In Bangalore

I'm in Bangalore for the two day IHCI conference. Today was the first day. I will perhaps write more about the conference later but just stopped by to say that I love this city. I lived here for about three years and am visiting it after a gap of two. Just wrote this to a friend:
Never thought meeting old friends and travelling down the once familiar but forgotten roads... that become familiar once again would give me so much pleasure.

Bangalore is like a distant dream you dreamt the other night that suddenly comes back to you one day and then you watch it being laid out in front of you.

As someone said, it's deja vu all over again. :)

I leave Wednesday evening.

Notes and links

Learn more about the conference and the organisers, Indo Europeon Systems Usability Partnership.
Nice website of conference venue, Taj Gateway Hotel

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