August 29, 2005

In Defense of Google

Joseph Lazlo, a Jupiter Analyst attempts a funny take on Google's reasons behind launching Google Talk. You can find the post here.

I'm sorry Joseph, what you write is not just not funny, it's irresponsible. Please don't take shots at an amazing company in the garb of Friday afternoon humor. You want to learn how to do a funny, sarcastic story on Google and do it gracefully? Head here.

I'm particularly annoyed with your reason #1. Actually, its quite tiring to keep hearing about the CNET story. I marvel at the restraint that Google and Google employees have shown regarding this especially when the urge to respond must have been so strong.

Since taking shots at Google seems to be everyone's favorite pastime these days, I decided to do the opposite. In defense of Google, here are my comments on Joseph's top 5 reasons for launch of Google Talk:

> 5. Larry and Sergey got tired of yelling across the office at one another.

Larry and Sergey share their office like most people at the Googleplex. Please do some research (yes, even for your jokes).

> 4. Skype’s profit margins just too tempting to pass up.

Skype has no profits worth talking about and their margins per user are microscopic. Please do some research.

> 3. Felt they just hadn’t confused the market sufficiently in the past couple of days.

Only the clueless are confused. People who understand Google are not. Please do some thinking.

> 2. Google doesn't know you intimately enough just reading your e-mail and peeking at what kind of naughty pictures you search for.

Google doesn't include personally identifiable information in usage data they collect to improve their services. Please know what you're talking about.

> 1. Wanted yet another communication channel via which to refuse to talk to CNET.

Please don't be a moron. Anyone who mentions the CNET episode is a moron. Here's why: Google is a damn good search engine. Like any damn good search engine, its job is to make accessible all the information that exists on the web. Everything that you can find through Google, you can find through any search engine that does its job well.

It's like this, you can cut vegetables using a knife or you can choose to slit someone's throat. If you choose the latter that makes you the murder... the knife's just a tool, its job is to cut.

Blaming Google for making everything on the web accessible is like blaming the knife for its ability to cut.

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