February 22, 2006

Microsoft Office Live No More

John Battelle is in all knots over the news that Microsoft office Live is not what we all thought it was.
I don't get it. Why not do what we thought they'd do? I wasn't really paying attention, and you probably all know this, but turns out MSFT Office Live is, well, NOT Microsoft Office Live (tcrunch). It's just hosting and email services by another name. What the f?

I think Microsoft jumped the gun and announced Office Live just when it was hot talk that Google and Sun were going to do it... they didn't want to be caught sleeping again. But then they realised that Google is NOT going to do it, at least not now, so they pulled the plug at the last minute and turned it into something it was never meant to be.

Call me Google obsessed but that's my theory. If Google does launch an office product in the future, Microsoft has a ready platform to launch theirs.

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