March 07, 2006

BarCampDelhi: Day of Revelations - Smart People, Entrepreneurship and Cutting Edge Tech

It was my first time to a developer's conference and honestly I wasn't expecting much. I was looking forward to Jon's talk on Ajax (which was excellent btw) but that's about it, I didn't know any other presenters. So it was great to be pleasantly surprised by a number of great talks.

The day was characterised by revelations. I had no idea that anyone was working on Ruby on Rails in India and there were two presentations on it. I was told that there are a bunch of people in Pune that have already gotten together and organised a group. I was part of first public demo of a Ajax based News aggregator. I got face to face with a "ProBlogger" someone who makes a living out of blogging full-time! (I don't know many people who do that even in U.S).

I Learnt about "structured blogging" which if takes off, can make it truly big. Discovered the "power of default" and how easily we forget the fact that most web apps lock our data. Met the CEO of a company that makes a highly successful PVR software and the budding entrepreneurs whose upcoming product will be a cross between contact management and social networking.

I didn't keep a count but the average age of the presenter must be around 28. Although on the VC scale, most of the products did not hold too much promise but the day still ended on a high note for me because of the people I saw. It convinced me that there is a new generation of software entrepreneurs in India, the tomorrow's leaders. A bunch of smart, young people who are onto something new and exciting, all set to displace the previous order.

I couldn't attend all the sessions I wanted as simultaneous talks were happening in two rooms. I attended 14 of 26 in total and found six of them most interesting.

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