March 07, 2006

BarCampDelhi Session: Agile Web Development with Ruby on Rails - Manik Juneja

Great presentation on what makes Ruby on Rails so successful, efficient and simple. Manik said he learnt about Rails in December and he's already onto his third project! He talked about all the features that make Rails such a great platform. Rails is guided by two main philosophies of writing code: "Don't Repeat Yourself" and "Convention Over Configuration." Here's the Wikipedia description:
"Don't Repeat Yourself" means that definitions should only have to be made once. Since Ruby On Rails is a "full-stack" framework, the components are integrated so that bridges between them need not be set up manually. For example, in Active Record, class definitions need not specify the column names; Ruby already can find them from the database itself, so defining them in both the program and the RDBMS would be redundant.

"Convention Over Configuration" means that the programmer only needs to specifically configure what is unconventional.

For example, if there is a Post class in model, the corresponding table in the database is posts, but if the table is unconventional (e.g. blogposts), it must be specified manually (set_table_name "blogposts").

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