March 07, 2006

BarCampDelhi Session: Elements of Web 2.0: Micro-content, Mobiles and Communities - VeerChand Bothra

Bothra's talk started with explaining penetration of mobile phones among the masses. It had interesting big picture insights but wasn't really relevant to the main content of his presentation (his background is in mobiles). The main topic was microcontent (RSS feeds, blog posts, trackbacks, moblogs etc) and a microcontent client developed by his company, Netcore Solutions. He demoed a Ajax based news/ feed aggregator.

What's different between and bloglines? The power of default! comes preloaded with feeds from main news sources that you can manage. What's different between Mytoday and Google News? Mytoday organises news by sources instead of news topics. Other differences are that facilitates quick perusal of many more news items. When you click on a headline, you see a snippet of the story right on that window without leaving the page. It has other features to organise and manage the feeds.

I'm not convinced that's enough differentiation to succeed (they don't have a revenue model yet) but it's still cool to have an Ajaxian News aggregator coming out of India that wants to compete with the likes of Google News and

Visit and the page they built for BarCampDelhi
VeerChand Bothra's blog, his company - Netcore
Netcore founder and blogger Rajesh Jain on
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