March 07, 2006

BarCampDelhi: Web2.0 Spills Over to the Real World

One of the most interesting features of the uh, "unconference" was the format of the event itself. Unlike a traditional conference, there's no peer-review of proposed presentations by a committee before the event. Anyone can propose a talk on anything though most talks are centered on emerging technologies and you have to register it on the wiki in advance for logistical purposes and so that people know what will be at the event.

Also unlike a traditional conference, Barcamp speakers are young and enthusiastic and not big luminaries from the industry that we see at every conference. There are no organisers, everyone pitches in do part of the work. Participation is free and so is food and everything else. Sponsors of the event provide for the facilities and the t-shirts.

So, by its very structure BarCamp is very "Web2.0". I'm yet to embrace that acronym completely but if "Web2.0" represents web applications that are open, collaborative, free and disruptive then BarCamp is all about Web2.0. A rare example of values seen on the web being replicated in the physical world.

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