March 07, 2006

Reviewing BarCampDelhi: Verdict - Roaring Success

Delhi's own BarCamp held at Adobe last Saturday was a big success by any measure. I had a great time listening to some very smart people talking about the latest in "Web2.0". There were close to 80 people who attended some 26 sessions in all. The atmosphere was electric with several sessions seeing exciting Q&A and each break witnessing enthusiastic discussions and networking.

I'm going to write a bunch of small posts instead of single big one. I'll update this entry as I write them.

UPDATE: Other posts on BarCamp Delhi:

  • BarCampDelhi: Web2.0 Spills Over to the Real World
  • BarCampDelhi: Day of Revelations - Smart People, Entrepreneurship and Cutting Edge Tech
  • BarCampDelhi Session: Making AJAX applications faster - Jonathan Boutelle
  • BarCampDelhi Session: Agile Web Development with Ruby on Rails - Manik Juneja
  • BarCampDelhi Session: Knowledge Management 2.0: Applying Structured Blogging to Knowledge Management - Manish Dhingra
  • BarCampDelhi Session: Web 2.0 and the Power of Default - Prashant
  • BarCampDelhi Session: Elements of Web 2.0: Micro-content, Mobiles and Communities - VeerChand Bothra
  • BarCampDelhi Session: Re-Inventing the Wheel of Personal Information Management With a New TWIST - Mir Nazim, Dipankar Sarkar
  • BarCampDelhi: On Adobe - "They Said Yes in 24 Hours"

    Gaurav's post live from the conference

    All of Jon's posts on the conference

    All Flickr Photos! The audience (I'm in the third row on right), the t-shirt and "a semi-flattering photo" of Jon.
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