June 04, 2007

iPhone Ad Videos

When Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone earlier this year, I wrote the same day that the brilliance of the iPhone lies in its user experience - not its "features" which is how the industry and the media are used to looking at cell phones ("does it have wifi, does it do 3G, infrared").

iPhone shows that it's not about what the phone can do, but how it does it.

Three iPhone ads started airing last night that focus exclusively on the user interface. To quote a seasoned Apple observer...
In over 20 years I can't remember Apple ever showing how easy it is to *use* their software. [...] their commercials are always hardware-centric with some allusions to ease-of-use but never a systematic display of their OS or app interfaces [...]

Until now. The three new iPhone commercials that started airing last night are utterly unambiguous interface showcases.

- Ziya Oz

Here are all three iPhone Ads for your viewing pleasure.

iPhone Ad: Never Been an iPod

iPhone Ad: How to

iPhone Ad: Calamari

High resolution versions of ads are available on Apple.com.

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