July 01, 2008

India's Climate Change Action Plan Summary

The Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has just unveiled the long-awaited National Action Plan on Climate Change. I've split the first 5 sections from the long document that summarise the policy and put it up on my server. You can download it here [10 pages, 2 MB].

The five sections contain: Overview, Principles, Approach, Way Forward: Eight National Missions and Implementation of Missions: Institutional Arrangements.

The complete policy including section #6: Technical Document, which is over 40 page long, is available on PMO website (a large 16 MB PDF with 52 pages).

I haven't studied it yet but my first impression is that although the initiatives listed are welcome, but...
  • without any firm commitment towards a target of emission reductions,
  • without setting up any time-frame to achieve those reductions and
  • without a commitment to phase out new energy generation from fossil fuels and their subsidies...
it is unlikely to make a significant short term or long-term impact into India's fast growing carbon emissions.

A longer, more detailed analysis including an official response from my organisation (CSM) will follow in coming days.

UPDATE 3-Jul: 'Climate Challenge India' coalition formed by CSM just released an interim assessment (PDF) I had the privilege to be one of the contributors to this report.

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Blogger FH:

Hi Manu, thanks for leaving a feedback at my blog, appreciate it! Enjoy!

It's nice to hear that India has plans to improve the climate, helps us all indeed!:)

5 July 2008 at 17:47:00 GMT+5:30 link  
Anonymous Anonymous:

hey good to have you blogging again. I'll call you soon, lots of things to share!

8 July 2008 at 15:41:00 GMT+5:30 link  
Anonymous Anonymous:

Saw your blogs.
Looks like you are really active in this field.
Do you think apart from the Indian Government's initiative, the recent G8 summit declaration is doing anything?
I think it failed to provide any concrete steps.Anyone who knows a little about the perils of climate change can tell that measures like 50% reduction till 2050 shall not help.
Whats your take on this?

16 July 2008 at 06:28:00 GMT+5:30 link  
Blogger Manu Sharma:

I agree with you. 2050 targets are really meaningless. What they imply is that we have a lot of time. It says lets wait till 2020 before doing anything. I think that will be a recipe for disaster. I said this in my BBC interview too (part that didn't get on air) that we ought to start thinking in terms of annual targets.

This problem is way too scary and the challenge of reductions way too big to talk about 2050 targets. We ought to take this on a war scale now.

And if the government isn't going to do it, we're going to force them to do it. Watch this space.

16 July 2008 at 11:08:00 GMT+5:30 link  
Blogger s p shah:

hi, manu
its interesting, for india's climate change action plan i would say that its also just a text document with comprehensive matters same as "national environment policy 2006", but not helpful in immidiate adoptation and mitigation measures

4 August 2008 at 23:26:00 GMT+5:30 link  

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