June 28, 2013

Note about long absence. This blog has always had periods of inactivity but the last one has broken all records. Yet, each time it manages to pull me back and I write again. Apart from work, the main reason that kept me away this time was Google's policy change regarding custom domains about couple of years ago. As a result of this, the new posts I made were not showing up properly. When I moved host, they stopped showing completely. The required configuration change to fix this appeared too technical and when a couple of attempts didn't work, I left it for later. Just managed to fix this now for good. I regularly wrote elsewhere during this time, mainly on Green-India and India-Environment Journalists discussion groups and will copy some of those posts here. Will back date each one to the same date on which they were originally made while explicitly specifying the original forum and context in which they were made.

P.S.: A big thumbs up for GreenGeeks, my new host for about a year (also the host for Climate Revolution Initiative). For each unit of electricity they consume from the grid, they buy three in form of wind energy credits. The EPA has appreciated this and awarded them the status of 'Green Power Partner' "in recognition of efforts to reduce the risk of climate change through green power purchasing." Good work GreenGeeks!

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