April 04, 2020


This poem is dedicated to Dhirendra Soneji who introduced the Ringing Cedars books to me.


I knew one day you would return
I let you go after your father left
for he wanted you to find him within.
I tried to comfort you
but it wasn't to be
I cried a thousand tears unseen.
They turned to ice, then flowed to sea
flooding all that was to see.
You're my son and I let you go
I knew one day you would return.
Can you imagine a love like that?

You tell your child
do this, don't do this
be that, don't be that
go this way, don't go there
careful, or you will fall.
Knowing not
every fall is a lesson to rise.
I love you so much I let you be.
Can you imagine a love like that?

Perfect just the way you are
yet you forgot and went in search
to find outside what you had within.
But that was the way it was to be.
You moved mountains, cleared forests
built empires, cities and conglomerates
and invented a million other things.
Searching all the while
to find outside what you had within.
In the image of your father
you are meant to be.
Forgetting me and your lineage too
you sought meaning inside walls
in things and pleasures
wars and conquests
and mental castles of the inflated 'me'.
Ignoring the beauty
and perfection all around
disconnected, uprooted, separated
you stumbled, plundered and believed
that suffering was the way to be.

A tree in bloom is still a tree in bloom
if you sever a branch away.
A mountain lets you make way
and a flower plucked is happy still
to adorn your house every day.
The air will take in all you give
and ocean will sink or float
every little trinket or toy you once loved.
A river dammed forgives.
Can you imagine a love like that?

You looked for your father everywhere.
You built temples and bowed inside
always seeking him outside.
Yet he lives within and so do I
for how can it be otherwise.
You're my son and I let you go
I knew one day you would return.

And then yesterday, after all these years
I heard you call my name.
As if waking from a slumber
still not awake yet you are astir
'cause in your dream you planted a seed
taking it from your mouth you sowed it deep.
Oh, how I waited for your touch.
What a dream, it is magnificent much
full of magic, aspiration and new creation.
I beamed with joy as I always knew
my prodigal son is to return anew.
For this was planned before you were born
designed this way it was by You.

My doors are open as they've always been
but in sorrow you remember what you've lost.
In dirt, you seek a cleansing.
You shall have all that you seek
now that you've learned to dream.
A thorough cleansing it will be
for there is a higher purpose to be served.

It's time for my son to come home a prince
and to find what is truly his -
a crown, for he is now a king!
Yours is the earth my son
the stars above are home
and if you wish to dream a star anew
spiral into existence it would.
For you have discovered eternity
joy as the purpose is yours to be.
And so it is.

Manu Sharma
Eternity Family Farm,
Near Nangal Dam, Punjab, India
3:50 AM, 04/04/2020

UPDATE 16-Apr 2020
Inspired by living sentience of earth channelled by Pepper Lewis
To learn more about Pepper, see a Foreword by Lee Carroll to one of her books.
Also inspired by the teachings of Anastasia, Kryon, The Urantia Book, and Lyssa Royal Holt.
Title is borrowed from a recent essay on coronavirus by Charles Eisenstein.
Image: Eric Laforgue @ Jizan Province, Addayer, Saudi Arabia.

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